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Park District Earns State’s First LEED Certification for a Public Recreation Center 

Carol Stream Park District Earns State’s

First LEED Certification for a Public Recreation Center

 CAROL STREAM, IL – The Carol Stream Park District’s one year old Fountain View Recreation Center has been awarded LEED certification at the Silver level. It is the first public recreation center in Illinois to earn LEED certification. Architect Frank Parisi of Williams Architects in Itasca presented the official LEED plaque to park district board at the September 8 board meeting.

When Carol Stream Park District began to plan the new 90,000 square foot recreation center, the board envisioned a building that was environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and healthy for residents. The benefits of building green are multi-faceted. The more efficient building will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of the building. Grants from DuPage County and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation helped to pay for storm water management features and energy efficient systems. Sustainable and site-sensitive construction, reduced chemicals and pollution, more natural light, and better air quality make this earth-friendly building a more comfortable, healthy place for people to play and work.

Fountain View Recreation Center earned the 2014 “Outstanding Facility and Parks Award” from the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association. It has also been nominated for the Illinois Association of Park Districts 2014 “Best of the Best Awards” for Best Green Practices.

Highlights include:

Water Efficiency

  • Plumbing Fixtures – Low flow faucets, shower heads and toilets will reduce water use by 31%.
  • No Irrigation Needed – Hardy, drought tolerant plants are used throughout the landscape, eliminating the need for an irrigation system and supplemental watering.
  • Water-Saving Pool Filtration – The indoor pools use regenerative media filter that reduces water use by 98% – saving about 195,000 gallons a year.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Energy Efficiency –
    • Natural Light – Plentiful, floor-to-ceiling windows and light tubes in the ceiling reduce or eliminate use of electric lights during the day.
    • Geothermal – heating and cooling system uses the natural temperature of the earth to save energy year round.
    • Efficient Lights – LED lights are used in the parking lot, low-watt fluorescents and dual level switches in the building keep electricity use low.
    • Extra Insulation – higher than required insulation is used in the walls and roof.
    • Solar power – water heating system is used to supplement hot water heaters.
    • Ozone Protection – Zero use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-based refrigerants in our heating, cooling and ventilation systems helps protect the ozone layer.

Materials & Resources

  • Recycled Content – At least 16% of the materials used in the building are recycled. The structural steel, rebar, and trusses and joists are well over 50% post-consumer content. The concrete, ceiling tiles, running track have recycled content, too.                                                                                       
  • Local Materials – At least 24% of the building materials were harvested and manufactured within 500 miles of here.
  • FSC Certified Wood –More than 50% of the wood in the building is from responsibly managed forests. The wood floors, doors, lockers, and decking on the walls is all FSC certified.
  • Natural Flooring – linoleum, wood and ceramic tile cover 90% of the floor space.
  • Recycling – paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, metals, and plastics are collected in special containers and recycled.

Indoor Environment

  • Air Quality – CO2 sensors measure how much air people in the building are using. The system automatically brings more fresh air in as needed to achieve optimal oxygen levels. No smoking is allowed in or near the building ensuring air brought in is cleaner.
  • UV Pool Disinfection – uses ¼ the chlorine of regular systems.
  • Low-Emitting Materials – Special low-emitting paints, adhesives, flooring systems and wood products were used to help make the interior a healthier place to be.
  • Comfortable Temperature – The building was specially designed with zoned HVAC to provide a comfortable temperature for varying activities.
  • Natural Views – Natural daylight that pours in makes people feel happier even in winter months. The windowed walls offer inspiring views of the surrounding park. Looking at natural scenery has been shown to increase creativity and energy, and relieve stress.

Innovation in Design

  • Educating the Public – Permanent signs, take-away brochures, and tours help inform people about the sustainable design features used in the building.
  • Maximizing Open Space – The footprint of the building was minimized. The site has more than 25% more open space than required by local zoning.
  • Construction Waste Management – 75% of all construction waste was recycled or salvaged for use in other buildings.

Sustainable Sites

  • Encouraging Alternative Transportation – Bike racks and shower facilities, location on highly-used paved trail system, and special parking for low emitting & fuel-efficient vehicles, and charging stations for electric cars (the first in our community) encourage drivers to reduce use of fossil fuels.
  • Storm Water Quality – Permeable pavers in the parking lot and walks, bio-swales, and stone infiltration remove 83% of suspended solids from rainwater. This helps keep pollution and silt out of waterways.

The LEED rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is the foremost program for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.

Fountain View Recreation Center is located at 910 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream, IL. The center is open seven days a week and houses two pools, an indoor track, fitness center, two group exercise rooms, a multi-court gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms. Its grand opening was held September 7, 2013.

LEED 004

From left to right: Park Board Commissioners Dan Bird, Brenda Gramann and Jackie Jeffrey; from Williams Architects, Stacy Snapp and Frank Parisi, holding award with Park Board President Tim Powers; behind Powers is Park Board Vice President Wynn Ullman, and furthest right is Commissioner Brian Sokolowski.

CLICK HERE to see a series of recreation center photos.  Read the 091314 Daily Herald article: Fountain View Recreation Center gets LEED certified

Recreation Center – Dec 2011 Update

Work is underway on the new recreation center at Carol Stream Town Center. Riley Construction has completed the site survey and has now begun the initial work to install the geothermal heat/cooling system for the building. Eco-friendly features, such as the geothermal system, has also enabled the new recreation center to be eligible for a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF).

Recreation Center Groundbreaking

The Carol Stream Board Park District of Commissioners hosted a ground breaking celebration for the new recreation center at Town Center on Monday, Oct 24 at 6pm.

The ceremony on Monday celebrated the start of construction on the new $18m center, which will feature a 25 yard indoor pool, new fitness center, indoor running track and gymnasium with three basketball courts. Construction is expected to take 16-18 months.

$2m Grant Awarded for Recreation Center Construction

The Carol Stream Park District has been awarded a $2 million State of Illinois PARC grant to help pay for construction of the new recreation center. The Park and Recreational Facility Construction (PARC) Grant Program recently announced over $50 million in targeted investments for improvements to park and recreation facilities in Illinois.

Construction on the new 90,846 square foot, LEED-certified recreation center at Carol Stream Town Center will begin this month. The Carol Stream Park District Board of Commissioners will award the general contractor bid at an October 17 board meeting and a groundbreaking ceremony will be held on  Wednesday, October 19 at 6pm.

Recreation Center – June 2011 Update

Over the next month the park district will begin pre-approving general contractors for construction of the new recreation center. Bid documents will be sent to the screened contractors in early September and the bid will be awarded by the board in late September, with ground breaking expected to take place in October. Construction of the center will take 16-18 months, depending on winter weather, with a target grand opening date of June 2013.

Plans for the indoor pool currently include a UV filtration system, which requires less chlorine to be used in the pool, and solar and geothermal heating.

Recreation Center – Mar 2011 Update

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Updated plans of the new recreation center were presented to the Board of Commissioners in February, and are available to view above. The 88,000-square-foot center will feature an 25 yard indoor swimming pool, three basketball courts, and program rooms on the first floor; and a fitness center, fitness program rooms and a running track on the second floor.

Community Recreation Project Open House

Miss the open house on Feb 10? No problem. The latest plans for the new recreation center, indoor pool, park and trial improvements and dog park are now available to view on the website.

Please browse the display boards, watch the video presentation on the indoor pool, and fill in our online comment card with your feedback.

View the display boards here

Watch the indoor pool presentation here

Feedback Form

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Recreation Center – January 2011 Update

Updated plans of the new recreation center were presented to the Board of Commissioners in early January, and are available to view above. The 88,000-square-foot center will feature an 25 yard indoor swimming pool, three basketball courts, and program rooms on the first floor; and a fitness center, fitness program rooms and a running track on the second floor.

In February park district residents will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the plans at several public forums. If you are interested in taking part in one of the forums, please  fill in the contact form with your contact details.

Recreation Center October 2010 Update

The park district board have voted to pursue LEED certification for the new building. LEED, which rates buildings in areas such as recycling, energy efficiancy and indoor air quality is the nation’s top green certification program.

“This will be no additional cost to the Park District or taxpayers to ensure we have a sustainable building that’s both energy-efficient and more user-friendly,” Carol Stream Park District Board Vice President Tim Powers said.

Achieving LEED certification will also open the door to thousands of dollars in green grants.

Recreation Center August 2010 Update

Architects are currently working on rough floor plans for the new recreation center. The board will review these at the August 23 board meeting. Citizens and staff will also be able to see them and give their feedback for revisions. Once we are happy with the rough layouts, the architects will use them to draft the actual blueprints.

We’re committed to making this building as energy efficient as possible and have been researching green building techniques and grants.

Recreation Center July 2010 Update

The park district has an ‘agreement in principle’ with the Village of Carol stream for the site of the new recreation center. The park district and the Village of Carol Stream have agreed upon a price of $1.6 million for six acres in the Carol Stream Town Center location – the site identified as the preferred location for the new center by residents.