ActivKids Current Student Information

Welcome to the Carol Stream Park District ActivKids Program. This Parent/Participant Handbook is intended to provide you with an overview of the policies and standards that have been put in place to secure the safety and success of all the children who attend our programs. The Carol Steam Park District ActivKids Programs, in cooperation with Community Consolidated School District 93 (CCSD93), provide before and after school care for your elementary school children. There is a mutual consent for cooperative sharing of information between the Carol Steam Park District and CCSD93 as it relates to the registered participants successful participation in the programs operated in cooperation with CCSD93.

The education and care of all children is an important undertaking. The goal of ActivKids is to provide a safe and structured environment which encourages personal growth and development, while having fun. ActivKids supports a healthy balance of work and play. ActivKids is about encouraging active, healthy, and happy lifestyles.

ActivKids can help parents:

  • Feel comfortable knowing their child is secure and active.
  • Relax about schedule restraints because our programs offer longer hours than average after school programs.
  • Create a less stressful schedule that allows for more quality time with your child.

ActivKids can help a child:

  • Build self esteem
  • Meet new friends
  • Develop or improve skills
  • Have fun!

In addition to the ActivKids program, our ActivKids Days Off Club offers fun and exciting activities for your child and accommodates your child care needs on non-school days. We offer many benefits with our wide range of programs.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Before School students are not permitted to be dropped off before 6:30 a.m.
  • After School students must be picked up by 6:30 p.m.
  • Location of program within each school is subject to change and will be posted as necessary.

Drop-Off Standard

Although instructors may arrive at a site prior to program starting times to prepare, they are NOT permitted to accept participants until their registered program time. Children must be escorted into the program site and personally “signed-in” by a parent or authorized individual.

Pick-Up Standard

Parents or authorized individuals enter a site to “sign out” their child by their registered program time. Only those persons listed on the approved “Release Form” will be able to sign your child out from the program. These individuals must be prepared to show picture identification at all times.

In the event that you will not be able to pick up your child by the designated pick up time, please notify the site immediately.

Late Pick-Up Fee (per child)

A $5.00 late fee for the first ten minutes (or any portion thereof) and $1.00 per minute after the first ten minutes, will be charged if you are late picking up your child. This late fee must be paid the same day at the Simkus Recreation Center or with a check, sent with your child the following day (cash or credit cards will not be accepted at the site). If late pick-up becomes habitual, you will run the risk of your child being discharged from the program.


Absentee Reporting Standard

For the safety of the children enrolled in our programs, we require the following 2 steps any time your child will not be attending the program on a day they are regularly scheduled to attend. Aside from illness, 24 hours notice is required. No refunds are given for participant absences or missed days from the program.

  • Notify the ActivKids staff via phone, verbal or note
  • Notify your child’s school office via phone, verbal or note

Your child’s school is not responsible for informing ActivKids staff of student absences/missed days from the ActivKids Program. You must call both ActivKids and the school office.

Health & Medical Emergency Standard

These standards have been put into place to coincide with the policies followed by CCSD93. In addition, we will attempt to contact you immediately at any time upon your child’s request. The Carol Stream Park District continually strives to create a safe as well as fun environment for your child to be in. However, at times the occasional accident may occur. Below is our standard and procedure regarding notifying parents/guardians of any such incidents:

Minor Injury/Illness

  • We will only administer simple basic first aid, a bandage and/or ice pack as necessary according to staff training.
  • You will be notified when you arrive to pick-up your child.

Injury/ Illness Requiring More Attention In addition to the steps above…

  • We will attempt to contact you or your emergency contacts in the event you are unreachable.

More Serious Injury/ Illness In addition to the steps above…

  • Program Supervisors will also be immediately contacted.
  • Your child may need to be picked up as immediately as possible.
  • Emergency transportation may be arranged as deemed necessary.

Healthy Kids Standard

  • Participants in all ActivKids Programs during the school year will utilize the services of the school nurse if available.
  • If a child is running a fever (99.9 or above) or appears sick, we request that they be picked up as immediately as possible. The standard of both CCSD93 and the Carol Steam Park District is that a child be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to the program.
  • Paramedics (9-1-1) will be called to handle serious injuries. If your child needs emergency medical care, we will accompany them and a parent/guardian must meet us at the medical facility as immediately as possible.
  • If your child contracts a contagious condition that restricts them from returning, you must inform your child’s site coordinator. The staff will then distribute Health Alert Notices to affected participants—child’s name will remain confidential.
  • A child must receive appropriate treatment, depending on the condition, before returning to the program and may require a medical release from a school nurse or physician before returning.
  • Please be considerate of other children and staff and keep your child home if they show signs of illness.

Dispensing Medication Procedures

Strict standards have been put in place regarding the dispensing of medication to participants. These standards have been established in cooperation with those standards followed by CCSD93. These steps must be taken if a participant is required to receive medication during program time. This includes restrictions for cough drops, vitamins, pain relievers, and over-the-counter or prescription drugs. If your child uses medication that is stored in a school nurse’s office, you may need to provide additional medication since we do not have access to that medication before 8:30 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. Parents/Guardians are required to complete a “Permission to Dispense Medication Form” for any and all medication to be administered to participants by Carol Steam Park District staff or by the participant himself/herself.

Prescription Drugs /Inhalers – Controlled by Instructors

  • Parent/Guardian must sign and complete a Permission to Dispense Medication form.
  • Parent/Guardian will provide the Carol Steam Park District staff with the child’s medication in the original container with prescription label that includes patient’s name, physician’s name, pharmacy name, name of medication, and complete dosage information. The proper dosage for the day should be sent in the original container each day.
  • Medication will be stored in a locked area and at a temperature consistent with the package instructions. If the program is held outside, staff will carry the medication with their emergency kit, or on ice if refrigeration is necessary.

Inhaler – Controlled by child for self-administration

  • Parent/Guardian must sign and complete a Permission to Dispense Medication form.
  • Parent/Guardian will provide the Carol Steam Park District staff with the child’s medication in the original container with prescription label that includes patient’s name, physician’s name, pharmacy name, name of medication, and complete dosage information.
  • Parent/Guardian must have the “Self-Administration of Asthma Medication” portion of the Permission to Dispense Medication form completed and signed by a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Advanced Practice R.N.
  • In addition to the information/direction stated above, all Carol Stream Park District staff will be required to call the participant’s parent/guardian before administering medication to verify that all information on the form is clear and correct. Park District staff will not administer medication to a child without this verification.
  • Staff will go through the medication directions with the parent/guardian over the phone.
  • Does not apply to a life threatening situation (i.e. Emergency Asthma Inhaler or EpiPen). Please be sure to check off the box on the Permission to Dispense Medication Form for life threatening medications.


Emergency Contact & Release Form –Authorization

Only authorized individuals listed on each participant’s Emergency Contact and Release Form will be permitted to “sign” a child out. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing site instructors with any changes to individuals who are authorized to pick up their child.

  • All participants should have at least 1 emergency contact person that lives within a 5 mile radius of the program location, other than a parent/guardian.
  • Authorization for release is accepted ONLY from parent(s)/guardian(s) with primary custody, mother, father, both or guardian.
  • Parents/Guardians are also responsible for informing instructors of any changes to primary custody, restraining orders, or any other situations or changes which may affect the participant.

Custodial information that has been provided to CCSD93 will not automatically be forwarded to the Carol Steam Park District ActivKids Program and the custodial information that has been provided to the Carol Steam Park District ActivKids Program will not automatically be forwarded to CCSD93.

There is no obligation to provide or communicate any information on the Emergency Form [including copies] to any parent or guardian. Parents and guardians shall be responsible to communicate information regarding the child including the Emergency Form to all necessary persons. Disputes regarding the Emergency Form or similar information must be settled off site, and without any involvement ofCarol Steam Park District. If these requirements are not followed, then services to the child may be terminated.

Only the custodial parent(s) or guardian listed in the child’s registration form or Emergency Form may obtain information and/or change information. Financial information will only be communicated with the person named as responsible for the child’s account.

Special Needs

If your child has any special medical, physical, psychological, and/or emotional needs, or receives any special services from CCSD93, please list them in detail on your registration material. Lack of information may adversely affect the Park District’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child and may necessitate that participant’s removal from the program. The Carol Steam Park District is not responsible for any injuries, complications, damages, or losses due to withheld information. All participants must be toilet-trained and are responsible for all of their own toileting needs (i.e., fastening own clothing). Special needs support (i.e. WDSRA), requires a minimum 2 week notice prior to participant’s start date.


As with all Carol Stream Park District Programs, the ActivKids Programs do not provide insurance coverage for participants. Parents should check their individual insurance policy for coverage.

School Closing – Program Cancellation Procedure

If CCSD93 announces an unscheduled late start, early dismissal, cancellation of all before/after school activities, or closes for any reason including weather, or emergency due to unforeseen circumstances, ActivKids Before and After School will also be cancelled/closed. No credits are issued for these days.

If you have not received notice from CCSD93 that school has been cancelled by 6:30 a.m., you may assume that all ActivKids Programs will be in session. Should CCSD93 cancel school after 6:45 a.m., or announce an unscheduled early dismissal, you will be required to return to school to pick up your child.

If a facility housing an ActivKids Program is closed due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be required to return to the facility immediately to pick up your child.

Attire and Personal Belongings

No hats/visors may be worn indoors. No clothing that depicts violence or inappropriate scenes is allowed.

Personal belongings and toys from home are strongly discouraged. Any toys that are brought from home must have prior approval from the Site Coordinator and must be labeled with child’s name. Staff is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items and reserves the right to restrict or confiscate inappropriate toys. All Toys/Devices from home are allowed to be used in the program before 8:00am in Before Care and after 5:00pm in After Care. The following are a list of toys/devices that are allowed with restricted use in ActivKids:

  • IPOD or MP3 player—for health and safety reasons, IPODS/MP3 players cannot be shared with other participants. If your child brings an IPOD/MP3 player, it will be for their use only.
  • Phones—must be turned off and in your child’s backpack
  • Gaming Toys are to be used for video game use only—Excessive video game use may be restricted by the ActivKids staff.
  • Photo taking is not allowed by any hand-held device/toy.

Personalized Learning Program, CCSD93

Laptops will not be allowed to be used during ActivKids hours, no exceptions. All participant’s are expected to follow laptop storage procedure’s during program time.

Behavior & Discipline

The following policies have been established for the benefit of our programs as a whole. The safety, structure and integrity of the program will take priority over those of any one individual. Behavior guidelines are not limited to, but are based on the following overall rules and apply to all participants. The term “participant” refers to children as well as their parents/guardians; accordingly, parents/guardians are also required to follow these policies.

Zero Tolerance Standard

No bullying, verbally or physically abusive, threatening, obscene, disrespectful, or physical violence will be tolerated by either parent/guardian or participant. Parents and participants will be held accountable for their actions. All threats, threatening behavior, or drawings will be taken seriously and will be reported to the authorities. Participants using threats of death, violence, or suicide will be immediately suspended on their first occurrence. Participants will be required to undergo a professional evaluation at their own expense—from a licensed professional or doctor. The participant may be eligible to return to the program upon receipt of said evaluation stating that participant is not at risk to himself/herself or others and the approval of the Carol Steam Park District. If a second Zero Tolerance Violation occurs, future participation will be determined by the Carol Steam Park District on a case by case basis.

The Carol Steam Park District reserves the right to ban any individual from program premises (including buildings, parking lots, playgrounds, and surrounding areas) who represents a risk or danger to any parties.

  • Parents may not instruct their children to disregard appropriate instructor’s directions, or to respond or retaliate physically with violent/threatening behavior or language. The expectation is cooperation.
  • Parents may not direct, approach, discipline, or instruct children other than their own.
  • Participants should not make any physical contact with other children.
  • Participants must respect the instructors, other participants, and all property, equipment, and facilities.
  • Participants may not place themselves or others in dangerous situations through their actions or behavior.
  • No weapons, or items which may be used as weapons, may be brought to the program.
  • Participants are responsible for their actions and belongings.
  • Participants must respect and follow the staff’s directions.

No refunds will be issued for suspensions.

Discipline Standard

Discipline is carried out in a way that will help children develop self-control and assume responsibility for their own behavior. We encourage children to solve their own conflicts. When necessary, staff will assist children in understanding each other’s actions. We will make every effort to assist the child in correcting any unacceptable behavior through re-direction, reminders of expected behavior, time-outs, and parent conferences. Our approach focuses on positive reinforcement; instructors will act in a manner that is kind and caring, yet firm. We will also follow the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) program implemented by CCSD93.

If unacceptable behavior occurs, the following steps will be taken:

  • Time-Out with Time-Out Worksheet or Verbal Warning given to the child.
  • If behavior continues after Time-Outs or Warnings, a written Conduct Report will be issued and copies will be forwarded to the Program Supervisor and parents. Parents will be required to sign reports which will remain in the child’s file. Parent refusal to sign does not dismiss the Time-Out Worksheet or Conduct Report.
  • A Conduct Report may be issued immediately, without warnings or Time-Outs for any serious infractions.
  • On the occurrence of a third Conduct Report, issued within a three-month period, a child may be suspended from one, or all ActivKids Programs for a minimum period of three program days, depending on the severity of the infraction.
  • Contingent on the severity of the infraction, suspension may be effective immediately. On a case by case basis, the Carol Steam Park District may authorize a delayed start to a suspension for up to 72 hours following the infraction.
  • If upon return, inappropriate behavior continues, or three additional Conduct Reports are issued in another three-month period, Carol Steam Park District may permanently suspend a child from one, or all ActivKids Programs. Future participation will be determined by Carol Steam Park District on a case by case basis.

No refunds will be issued for suspensions.

The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to immediately and/or permanently suspend a participant from one and/or all ActivKids Programs for serious infractions.

At ActivKids Before & After Care

Daily Schedule

6:30am Drop Off Begins – Open Play
8:15am ActivTime
8:30am Open Play/Prepare for School
8:45am Time for School

3:45pm Attendance/Snack
4:00pm ActivTime
4:45pm Homework/Reading
5:15pm Open Play
6:30pm Last Pick-up

Monday After School
2:15pm Attendance
2:30pm Open Play
3:00pm Homework/Reading
3:30pm Snack
3:45pm ActivTime
4:30pm Learning Centers
5:15pm Open Play
6:30pm Last Pick-Up


ActivKids will host a variety of interesting and interactive demonstrations to encourage active bodies and minds of our participants. Additionally, on days when no demonstrations are scheduled, planned activities will be led by our ActivKids staff during ActivTime. Upcoming ActivTime demonstrations and activities will be listed in the monthly calendar. Demonstrations may require a waiver or verbal permission for your child to participate and are subject to change. Designated quiet homework time will also be offered each day after school. All students are encouraged to participate in group activities in order to reinforce social inter-action and maintain adequate ratios for staff to student supervision.


A snack and drink is provided in After Care daily. A Before Care snack is not provided. Snack calendars can be found in the ActivKids monthly newsletter. Additional snacks and water bottles are welcome from home. If your child has any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions, you may send them with their own snack.

School Activities/Clubs

Parents/guardians whose children participate in other before/after school activities or clubs, must complete an Activity/Volunteer Permission Form. This will allow instructors to escort participants to the designated activity area. Participants MUST first check in with their After School instructor. No participant will be permitted to leave the ActivKids Before/After Program without a current/signed form on file.


Movies may be shown. All movies must be rated “G”; “PG” movies may be shown if parental permission has been received by all participants.

Flex Pass

The 5 Day Flex Pass allows your child to attend Before and After School on a flexible and occasional basis. The Standard Flex Passes can be used for Before Care Monday through Friday and After Care Tuesday through Friday. The 5 Day Flex is not applicable for Monday After Care. A separate code-based registration is available for those that required flexible care for Monday After Care—see below. Flex Passes must be purchased 24 hours in advance prior to the day of care. It is the responsibility of the parent to renew passes in advance. Please monitor your child’s usage when purchasing Flex Passes.

When using the Flex Pass After School, parent/guardian is required to notify the child’s ActivKids site and school office at least 24 hours in advance prior to the day of use. Same day usage is not allowed for After Care. No call is necessary for Before School. The school office is not responsible for notifying the Park District staff. Consistent failure to follow the Flex Pass procedures may result in your child being removed from the Flex Pass option. Flex Passes are designed for flexible and occasional child care needs. If participants are attending regularly, or on a daily basis for 7 consecutive days, with Flex Passes, the child will automatically be enrolled in the Before and After Program with monthly payments. Note: Failure to provide less than the required 24 hours notice for After Care usage will be considered an Emergency One Day After Care Pass, see below.

Monday After Care Pass

The Monday After Care Pass is a code-based registration that requires advanced registration and payment a minimum of 24 business hours prior to attendance. Monday After Care will be held from 2:15pm-6:30pm. The fee is $20.00/day. Registration forms are available at Fountain View and Simkus Recreation Centers and online.

Emergency One Day After Care Pass – Call ActivKids Office for approval.

The Emergency One Day After Care Pass is available for current ActivKids Participants with an emergency form already on file. The Emergency One Day After Care Pass is only to be used in situations where last minute emergency situations are occurring the same day that your child needs care. Each Emergency One Day After Care Pass costs $20 per visit Tuesday-Friday and $28 per visit on Monday. Emergency One Day After Care passes must be purchased no later than 2:00pm on the day of use Tuesday-Friday and no later than 12:00pm on Monday. When using the Emergency One Day After Care Pass, parent/guardian is required to notify the child’s ActivKids site and school office prior to the day specific times above, so that the child’s teacher can be informed that the child is going to After Care that day.


  • Only current Carol Steam Park District staff, CCSD93 staff, current participants, parents/guardians, invited special guests, and individuals listed on the Release Forms are allowed on or around premises during program hours and must leave once the participant is signed in/out of the program. ActivKids staff reserves the right to request picture identification at all times.
  • All school policies and rules that are “specific” to each school will remain in effect and apply during program hours.
  • Participants must maintain a professional/business relationship at all times with other participants and program staff.

 ActivKids Days Off Club Special Guidelines

Food & Drink

Participants must bring their own lunch and drink. An afternoon snack and drink will be offered after 4:00pm. Additional snacks from home are welcome.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Parents/Guardians are required to enter the building and sign each child in upon arrival, and sign each child out upon departure. Please be prepared to show picture identification at all times.

It is required that you drop-off and pick-up your child within the time frame that you have registered and paid for. Late fees will apply. Extended Care is available.


Locations may vary. Field trips/Special Events are planned and are subject to change. Program times cannot be modified or prorated.

Attire and Personal Belongings

Dress your child for both indoor & outdoor activities as weather permits.

It is recommended that participants do not bring personal items/money; Carol Steam Park District is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.


All registrations are subject to acceptance based on program availability, proper completion of registration material, payment status and history and the Park District’s ability to meet any special needs the participant may have. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to adjust minimums/maximums and locations based on the availability of space, staff, and enrollment in order to maintain the safety, structure and integrity of the program as a whole. Special needs accommodations can be made to assist your child (a minimum of two weeks notice is required).

Alternative School Procedure

If your child (District 93 elementary student) attends an Alternative School, the ActivKids Before and After School Program may be available upon approval. A tele-conference or meeting is necessary prior to registering for the ActivKids Programs to discuss participant’s needs, transportation, etc. Please note ActivKids Before and After School Hours do not vary and are not adjusted for arrival/departure to or from the Alternative School. Each individual situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Program participation is not guaranteed.

In order to register, each participant must:

  • Complete and sign proper ActivKids registration and emergency information forms and payment information a minimum of 24 business hours prior to start date.
  • Complete an EZ Pay authorization form at the registration desk and provide proof of payment and identification.
  • Pay all outstanding fees due to any and all Carol Steam Park District ActivKids Programs or any other Carol Steam Park District programs and remain in good standing with the Carol Stream Park District.

Enrollment Changes

Any changes to your child’s initial registration and emergency information forms must be communicated to the ActivKids program immediately. This includes but is not limited to: scheduled days of attendance, parent/guardian contact and custody information, medical needs, authorized pick up information, etc.

To change enrollment, you must call the Carol Stream Park District’s service team prior to changing at 630.784.6100. The first schedule change is subject to a $5 change of enrollment fee. The second schedule change is subject to a $10 change of enrollment fee, and any subsequent schedule changes are subject to a $20 change of enrollment fee. Parents/Guardians are required to notify the Carol Stream Park District’s Service Team for all changes in their child’s schedule or withdrawals from the program at least 24 business hours in advance. Parents/Guardians are required to notify their child’s school office at least 24 business hours in advance to inform them of the child’s new enrollment, change in schedule, or withdrawal from the program. No participant is permitted to temporarily withdraw from the program. Any participant withdrawing from the program:will not be guaranteed a spot should they wish to return must resubmit complete Registration and Emergency forms. For variations in regular registration schedules, Flex Passes must be utilized. Flexible days are not permitted for regular registrations.

ActivKids Days Off Club

ActivKids Days Off Club is designed to offer your child a structured and active day during school holidays, institute days, and breaks. Activities and schedules may vary based on availability of space and staffing. Class sizes are limited and registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

All participants should be registered 48 business hours prior to the program date with complete forms and payment. Any participant that registers 48 hours prior to the program date will receive early bird rates.

Days Off Club registrations will also now be accepted on-site. Rules regarding on-site registration are as follows:

  1. Customer must have a current EZ Pay from on file with the park district. (EZ Pay forms are not available at ActivKids site)
  2. A registration form must be filled out completely, 1 form per child. If a waiver is needed that must be completed as well.
  3. Registration forms must be turned in to staff a minimum of 4 business days prior to the Days Off Club program.  Any customer who attempts to turn in a registration form less than 4 business days before Days Off Club will be directed to bring their forms to the park district. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Customers will be emailed a copy of their receipt once their registration has been processed.
  5.  If the EZ pay form on file is incorrect or the card is declined the participant will not be registered until the parent can be reached by the front desk for payment.
  6. Customers who receive financial assistance from the YWCA must be current with their monthly co-pay and be approved for full time care in order to be registered.
  7. Any customer with a balance on their park district account will not be registered and will be contacted to pay their balance.

Payment Procedure

Completion of an EZ Pay authorization form and verification of payment and proper identification will be required at registration drop-off in order for registration to be processed. Any registrations that do not include the required payment information will be not be processed until the necessary information is received in full.

Payment Due at Registration: All Program Fees are Per Program/Per Child

One time registration, non-refundable registration fee of $25 due at time of registration.

  • Before September 1, 2017 – First month’s payment is due at registration. All subsequent payments are automatically withdrawn via EZ Pay on the first of each month beginning September 1, 2017 through May 1, 2018.
  • After September 1, 2017 – First month’s payment is due at registration. All subsequent payments are automatically withdrawn via EZ Pay on the first of each month through May 1, 2018.

Pay all program fees in full at time of registration and receive one free week of your child’s registered enrollment fee

Before/After Care Payments

Monthly installments are based on the number of full days of school representing a total of nine equal payments. Program fees already exclude charges for school holidays, breaks and other non-attendance days. All remaining payments are scheduled on the 1st of every month. Monthly bills will NOT be sent. Payments will not be accepted at the school sites.

Late Payments

If payment is not received by the due date (regardless of holiday or weekend), a late fee per family will be applied. Late Payments are not considered paid in full unless late fees are paid. Consistent late payments and non-payment may result in suspension from one and/or all Carol Steam Park District Programs

Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance/scholarships for qualified Carol Stream Park District Residents. Confidential applications available at Fountain View or Simkus Recreation Centers.

Childcare Expense Statements

Receipts can be issued upon request as well as a Statement of Account which includes all registrations and payments to Carol Steam Park District for a given period of time. A Tax Id Letter is available. The Carol Stream Park District is not responsible or liable for determining childcare expenses.

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