Awesome Adventure Camp Registration

Awesome Adventure Camp
Tentative Dates: June 15–August 14

Register by May 31 to receive Early Bird Rates!

New Registration Options for 2020

*For weekly registration, a payment plan can be set-up to postpone payments throughout the summer or full payment can be made at registration. Automatic payment dates are listed on the Weekly Registration Form (above).


  1. Complete the Weekly Registration Form (see above).
  2. Complete the Automatic Payment Form (see above).
  3. Submit both forms by email to info@csparks.org or by mail to Carol Stream Park District – 849 W. Lies Rd., Carol Stream, IL 60188.
  4. You will receive emergency & permission forms closer to the start of camp.



  1. Sign up for registration dates online.
  2. Complete the Automatic Payment Form (see above).
  3. Submit form by email to info@csparks.org or by mail to Carol Stream Park District – 849 W. Lies Rd., Carol Stream, IL 60188.
  4. You will receive emergency & permission forms closer to the start of camp.

Registration Policies & Procedures

Registration Policies

Our goal is to accommodate as many families as possible. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to adjust minimums, maximums, and locations based on the availability of space, staff, and enrollment in order to maintain the safety, structure, and integrity of the program as a whole.

  • A completed Participant Information/Authorized Contact Form and Swim & Movie Permission Form will be required for all registrants prior to the start of camp.
  • A Permission to Dispense Medication Form must be completed if your camper will need staff to administer medication or your child will carry an inhaler or epi-pen.
  • By registering, participants agree to abide by all Carol Stream Park District rules and policies while in summer camp. Participants not following our code of conduct may be immediately and permanently suspended.
  • In order to maintain enrollment, payments must be made in full and on time. See Parent Handbook for payment deadlines.
  • In order to best assist your child, alert us to any special needs requests at the time of registration. The inability to provide necessary accommodations may delay your child from beginning participation in this program. 1:1 assistance requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice.
  • Registrations run on a weekly basis. Discounts, credits, and refunds will not be granted due to absences.
  • Additions and changes in registration cannot be made by phone; an Add/Change Form must be completed at Simkus or Fountain View Recreation Center.
  • Outstanding fees due to the Carol Stream Park District must be paid prior to registering for Summer Camp. Participants not remaining in good standing may be restricted from enrolling and will be required to pay fees at the time of registration.
  • Any late pick-up or emergency lunch fees incurred must be paid upon pick-up.

Registration Options

Registration is accepted in three ways:

  • Pay & register for all sessions at the time of registration.
  • Register for sessions up front & pay later with Automatic EZ Pay (EFT through credit card or checking account).
  • Pay for some sessions at the time of registration & enroll in EZ Pay for weeks that are not yet due.

EZ Pay – Register Now, Pay Later

Sign up now for all of your selected camp weeks and pay later! Payments will be automatically charged to your credit card or taken out of your bank account on the scheduled due dates. EZ Pay is required if you choose the register now, pay later option.

  • EZ Pay can be set up at any time.
  • Complete an Automatic Payment Form and your payments will be automatically debited from your credit card or checking account on the corresponding payment dates (see Weekly Registration Form).
  • Payments that are not successfully processed through EZ Pay must be cleared up one week prior to the camp session.
  • If payment is not received one week prior to the camp session, you will be withdrawn from future sessions until payment and updated account information is received.
  • Payments that are returned with insufficient funds will be charged a $20 fee and may result in the forfeiture of this payment option.

Early Bird Registration

  • Register by the May 31 Early Bird Deadline to receive a discounted rate.
  • All sessions registered for after May 31 will be at the standard rate, regardless of if you registered for some weeks prior to the deadline. We cannot make exceptions for those who miss the deadline.
  • No need to pay up front; sign up for EZ Pay to postpone your payments throughout the summer.

Additional Payment Procedures

  • Payments cannot be made by phone or with camp staff.
  • Partial payments are not accepted. All balances must be paid in full and on time in order to continue participation.
  • A completed Automatic Payment Form is required for all weekly registrants who did not pay in full at the time of registration.

District 93, District 25 and Pleasant Hill Registration Discounts

Children currently enrolled in a District 93, District 25, or Pleasant Hill school who do not live in Carol Stream are eligible for registration discounts. The first week of registration must be paid at the non-resident rate. All remaining weeks may be charged at the resident rate. In order to receive this discount, a current report card must be shown at the time of registration. This discount is not available online.

Emergency Contact & Release Form

  • Only authorized individuals listed on the Emergency Contact and Release Form will be permitted to sign your child out. You are responsible for providing staff with any changes to the individuals who are authorized to pick up your child.
  • Only the custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) may approve additions or changes to the Authorized Pick-up List.
  • All participants should have at least one emergency contact who lives within a five mile radius of the program location.
  • Parents/Guardians are also responsible for informing staff of any changes to primary custody, restraining orders, or any other situations or changes which may affect the participant.



Full refunds for weekly registrations will be provided if the withdrawal is requested prior to the start of the camp week. We request as much notice of cancellations as possible, as we purchase supplies, schedule staff, and pay for special events & field trips in advance.

Special Needs

If your child has any special medical, physical, psychological, or emotional needs, or receives any special services, please list them in detail in your Registration Packet. If your child needs an inclusion aide from the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association, please note this in your Registration Packet so that we can submit a request immediately. WDSRA requires at least two weeks advanced notice in order to secure assistance. Aides will be secured for you at no cost. Lack of information will adversely affect the Park District’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child. Problems resulting from withheld information may necessitate the participant’s suspension from the program until appropriate accommodations can be made for a more successful camp experience. All participants must be toilet-trained and are responsible for all of their own toileting needs. All participants will be held to the same code of conduct & behavior policies, unless otherwise discussed.

Childcare Expense Statements

Reprinted receipts and Flexible Spending Reports (including all potential childcare expenses within a give time frame) are available for your records. The Carol Stream Park District is not responsible or liable for determining childcare expenses. Tax statements will be automatically emailed to households with email addresses on file and mailed to all other homes by the end of January each year.

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