Contractual Photographer Opportunity

Position Type: Contractual Photographer
Marketing Department

Date Posted:  May 6, 2022

Date Available

Variable Days and Hours based on Event or Program Scheduling


Indoors and Outdoors, Parks and Recreation Facilities, Carol Stream Community

Job Requirements

Photographers are needed to capture great photos of various Park District events and activities. Days, times and locations are based on the scheduling of park district events and programs and as assigned by the marketing manager.

Photographer must own good digital camera equipment with the ability to focus and zoom in and out, capture action and movement, have day and night filtering features, know exposure settings, good memory card, etc. Photographer must edit photos and provide quality PNG or JPG photos that are not duplicates, blurry or have questionable backgrounds.

Photographer needs own transportation. Hours vary and include all times depending on event or program (mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends). Pay begins at $45 for a total of one hour and rises incrementally per half hour up to $125 for a total of five hours. Most jobs range from 1.5 to 3.5 hours. Pay includes your timely presence on the job and the editing and uploading of photos to the park district Dropbox within 72 hours of the job.

Outdoor photography is weather dependent, so a job can get canceled and no fee will be paid. If a job is canceled and the photographer is not notified in advance and shows up to the job, a $20 appearance fee will be paid.

EXAMPLES – Indoors

  • Senior luncheons
  • Plays in a dimly lit auditorium
  • Sing-a-longs in classrooms and multipurpose rooms
  • Events in gymnasiums
  • Events at the indoor pool
  • Fitness members working out
  • Group fitness classes
  • Basketball tournaments, open gym
  • Volleyball and other sports in gymnasiums

EXAMPLES – Outdoors (morning, afternoon, evening, night)

  • Events at water park
  • Events at mini golf course
  • Events at the dog park
  • Sporting events at ballparks and fields
  • Events outside recreation centers, in our parks and within the community, such as at Town Center
  • Kids playing on playgrounds, playing outdoor games (camps, preschool)


  • Own quality camera equipment (no phone photos)
    • Equipment must have the ability to freeze action and movement, etc.
  • Ability to work with no supervision
  • Ability to walk and photograph on uneven surfaces, such as at mini golf course
  • Good people skills (ability to request photos, pose groups, get kids to smile)
  • Ability to photograph outdoors in all kinds of weather and lighting
  • Transportation, valid Illinois driver’s license
  • Eye for detail
  • Patience and flexibility


This is a contracted position. If accepted as a contractor, contractor needs to submit a W-9 form and signed open contract, provided by the park district.

Interested applicants may call or email marketing manager for more information and be able to provide a link to visual portfolio or several of your best photos. Carolyn Mondlock, Marketing Manager (630-784-6121).


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