Days Off Club Movie/Swim Permission Form

In order to help us ensure your child’s safety and proper supervision while attending Coral Cove Water Park, or another water park as a field trip, please complete the following information. For your child’s safety, our camp counselors will be stationed strategically in order to supervise aquatic activities, in addition to the lifeguards on duty. Children will be restricted to certain areas of the pool based on your permission below.
As a part of the Awesome Adventure Camp mission, our goal is to provide a safe place for your child to have an active, rewarding summer filled with memories that will last a lifetime. While the majority of our activities will take place outside, on occasion, participants may watch a movie or go to the movie theatre. Movies will only be shown during inclement weather, as a break from the summer heat, or as a relevant part of an activity. Movies will be restricted for your child based on your permission below.
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