Fitness Member Referral Program

Our goal at Fountain View Fitness is to promote healthy lifestyles amongst individuals and families by providing a supportive, safe and fun environment that brings health and wellness to our community while inspiring you to attain your fitness goals. By joining Fountain View Fitness, you’ve taken the first step to stay healthy through regular activity and exercise. But don’t stop there. Share the gift of health and encourage your friends to join you as Fountain View Fitness members.

It is very simple to join the Fountain View Fitness member referral program and we do all the work. Provide us with the name, contact number or email address of three of your family members, friends, or co-workers who are not current members but who you think might enjoy the benefits of a Fountain View Fitness All-Inclusive Membership. We contact them.

For each referral that purchases a Fountain View Fitness All-Inclusive Membership and remains active one month from the date of activation, the referring member receives a free month of membership to be added to their current membership at the time of renewal for annual memberships (this cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or refund should the referring member cancel their membership before the renewal date). For monthly memberships, once the referral parameters are satisfied, the free month(s) of membership is applied to the following month.

For each successful referral you submit, your name is placed in a drawing to win a free annual Fountain View Fitness All-Inclusive Membership. Drawing is held in December.

  • Referrals are eligible for a 50% discount off of enrollment fee if Fountain View Fitness All-Inclusive Membership is purchased within one month of the date of contact.
  • Referral Fountain View Fitness All-Inclusive Memberships must be active a minimum of one month from their activation date to receive each referral award.
  • The free month(s) apply to the main account holder’s membership dues only.
  • Members can receive up to three free months per time of renewal or per year (equal to referring three new members successfully for a minimum of one month).
  • Current Fitness Member

  • Friend

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