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Garden Plots Rental

Slepicka Homestead Park has sixteen ground level plots and six raised garden beds available to rent. Slepicka Park is located at 1301 Lily Lane in Carol Stream. 

Raised Garden

$30 R / $40NR + $10 Key Deposit*
Ground Garden $50 R / $60NR + $10 Key Deposit*

Key deposit refunded when returned at the end of the season.


Reserve Plots Starting:
One (1) plot per household. Note: If garden plots are still available after April 15, renters will be allowed a maximum of two (2) plot rentals per household.

  • January 1 for returning renters
  • February 1 for new renters


Plots are available for use from April 15 to October 15, depending on weather and ground conditions.

There are sixteen (16) ground-level plots and six (6) raised garden beds for those gardeners who are physically challenged.

Garden plots are identified by signs.  Boundary lines will be marked by corner posts or flags.

Gardeners are responsible for planting in their own plots.  If unsure of your location, please contact the Park District.  The Park District is not responsible for any cost associated with planting in the wrong area. The corner stakes and number stakes must not be removed.

Gardeners must maintain their plot to its boundaries.  When selecting planting materials and planting location, please ensure that the plants won’t encroach over the boundary lines. Please be considerate of stepping on other gardeners plot areas when planting your garden plot so as not to disturb their plantings.

Gardeners are expected to weed their garden and keep it neat.  Landscape waste can be disposed of in trash barrels labeled for landscape waste.  If weeds grow 12 or more inches tall, the Park District has the right to mow the entire plot.  In such cases, the gardener will be contacted by phone.  The gardener will then have one week to comply before the entire plot is mowed.  If the Park District has to take over your plot due to lack of maintenance, you will not receive priority registration for the following year.  No refunds will be given.

Water is available at the park site, however hoses are not allowed.  You must transport your water using other means. 

All materials must be kept off paths, including plastic bags, rocks, strings, wood stakes and / or other materials.  These items may cause a tripping hazard.

Gardeners must park in designated parking stalls and not in roadway.

Gardeners may share their plot.  The individual who rented the plot will be responsible for the plot maintenance.

The Park District is not responsible for theft, damage, vandalism or any other acts of destruction, loss or irresponsibility.  Report any damage or loss to the Carol Stream Park District at 630-784-6100.

Gardening Tips

  • Gardeners may wish to till the soil before planting.
  • Mulching gardens retains moisture in the soil, reduces weed growth and helps to moderate soil temperature.
  • Gardeners should plant their gardens according to plant growing habits.   Plants that mature early can be planted among plants that mature later in the season.  Taller plants should not be planted where they can shade smaller plants.  Vines should be planted where they will not encroach on paths or into neighboring gardens.


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