Indoor Rental Terms and Conditions

Violation of these Rental Terms and Conditions will result in forfeiture of all or part of the Security Deposit

  1.  A $50 non-refundable room reservation deposit must be paid at time of reservation booking.
  2. All renters are required to provide a Security Deposit in the amount of $100 for one room and $50 for each additional room. If Rental Terms and Conditions have not been violated, the deposit will be returned within ten (10) business days after date of rental. If the deposit was paid by check or cash, the deposit will be returned by check and mailed. If the deposit was paid by credit card, the deposit will be returned to the same credit card.
  3. Request for alcohol must be submitted 14 days prior to the rental. Certain restrictions apply and liquor liability insurance must be purchased by the renter. Alcohol request forms are available at the front desk.
  4. The Park District reserves the right to keep all or a portion of the security deposit:
    a. Renter exceeds the contracted rental times.
    b. Renter exceeds the maximum expected attendance.
    c. Renter conducts activities other than what is confirmed by Rental Contract.
    d. Renter does not properly dispose of garbage produced by the rental event.
    e. Renter creates noise levels or plays music so loudly as to disturb the fitness center, front desk staff or any other activities taking place.
    f. Renter damages park district property such as tables, chairs, and walls.
    g. Rental requires excessive cleaning by the Park District.
    h. Renter violates any other terms and conditions of the Rental Contract or District Ordinance. damaged tables, chairs, rooms, or any other Park District property;
  5. All rental times start and end according to the time indicated on the Rental Contract. Any set-up time and clean-up time by Renter must be included within the start and end times on the Rental Contract.
  6. Renter/Renter’s party may not loiter in or use the halls or front lobby, access or use rooms/gymnasiums/fitness center not specified in the Rental Contact with the exception of the restrooms.
  7. The renter, the person that signed the contract, must remain with the rental for the entire duration of the rental.
  8. Renter may use their own caterer or bring in their own food. A catering kitchen is available for rent at the Fountain View Recreation Center. There is no oven or stove. The rooms at the Simkus Recreation Center have a refrigerator and sink in the room.
  9. If the rental includes the catering kitchen at the Fountain View Recreation Center, renter is permitted to use refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and countertops for preparation. Renter must follow all safety procedures set in place by the Park District. Park District is not held liable for any incidents or injuries that take place in the catering kitchen. Renter is prohibited from using Park District concession equipment (i.e. nacho warmer, popcorn machine, hotdog cooker).
  10. The renter is required to cover the tables with tablecloths. The renter may use their own tablecloths or rent linen tablecloths from the park district based on availability. Color selections are limited to white and black, based on availability.
  11. All rentals are overseen by Park District staff. Park District staff will set up Park District tables and chairs. Park District staff is not on duty to assist with Renter’s activity or additional set up. They are empowered to restrict the group’s misuse of the facility and to protect Park District property. Renter and guests need to cooperate with Park District staff and not cause a hindrance in the performance of his/her duties. It is the responsibility of the Renter to advise its party of the duties and authority of Park District staff on duty. Renter is responsible for the actions of Renter’s party, including the supervision of minors at all times by a parent or guardian. ‘
  12. A Certificate of Insurance may be required for any activities involving moderate risk, which includes, but is not limited to: caterers, sports competitions, parties charging admission, or parties selling any products or services. The Carol Stream Park District must be named as additionally insured with policy limits in the amount of $2,000,000 per person.
  13. No person shall display, distribute, post or fix any placard, sign, handbill, pamphlet, circular or any other writing or printed material of any kind whatsoever, without written Park District approval.
  14. Any parties selling food that is not packaged require a permit from the Illinois Department of Health.
  15. Cancellation of or changes to the rental requires 7 business days advance notification.
  16. Cancellations under seven (7) days may not be refunded.
  17. Changes requested within the 48-hour time period prior to rental are not guaranteed.
  18. A $25 administrative fee will be charged and added to the contract for date changes made after the rental is approved by Park District staff.
  19. Carol Stream Park District sponsored activities shall have priority in all facilities.
  20. Smoking is prohibited on Carol Stream Park District property, indoors and outdoors.
  21. The use of burning candles or incense is prohibited. Exception: birthday cake candles and sternos.
  22. No person shall offer or exchange for sale any article or thing or do any hawking, peddling or soliciting, or buy or offer to buy an article or thing, or take up any collection or solicit or receive contributions of money or anything of value in the Park System without Park District approval.
  23. No person shall expose or offer for sale to the general public any articles or things, or conduct to solicit any business, trade or occupation or profession without a valid concession license agreement approved by the Director and then only in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof, it being the intention to control commercial enterprises or sales on District Property.
  24. No person shall call or hold any public meeting or give any concert of public entertainment of any kind without Park District approval.

  25. DECORATING POLICY – NO decorations may be hung on walls, doors, windows or ceiling.

  26. Cancellation requires seven (7) business days advance notification. Cancellations under seven (7) days may not be refunded.

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