Kids Zone

Kids Zone will remain closed during July 2020.

Ages: 6 months – 11 years old

Work out while we look after your children! Kids Zone is a free service only available to Fountain View Fitness all-inclusive members. Kids Zone includes games and computers for homework, crafts, and plenty of toys. Our staff are CPR/AED and first aid certified and we’ll maintain low child to staff ratios to help ensure that your children will have a safe stay with us. To use Kid Zone register at the Fitness Service desk or in Kids Zone.

Kids Zone Child Care services are not available to Daily Admission and Free Day Pass visitors.

  • 2 hour maximum stay for your child in Kids Zone
  • one reservation in per day


Reservations are required for Kids Zone. For your child to be guaranteed a spot, reservations must be made in advance. Reservations are held for 15 minutes only. Failure to arrive or call Kids Zone within designated time may result in loss of reservation. Fire codes and capacity regulations limit the number of children we are able to accommodate. For the safety of the children and in all fairness to our staff, we will not accept “drop-ins” if our reservations are full. We are able to accommodate up to a maximum of 4 infants at a time.

Making accurate reservations and canceling with reasonable advance notice not only helps us properly staff Kids Zone, but also increases accessibility for all parents and children

Make or Cancel a Reservation

Kids Zone Reservation

*Reservations are held for 15 minutes only. Failure to arrive or call Kids Zone within designated time may result in loss of reservation. All reservations have a maximum of 2 hours. For the safety of the children and in all fairness to our staff, we will not accept “drop-ins” if our reservations are full. We are able to accommodate up to a maximum of 4 infants at a time. 

All children must have Kid Zone Emergency Information Form on file before attending.

Phone Reservations/Cancel

  • To make or cancel a reservation via phone, call us at 630-784-6115

Same Day Reservation 
As long as openings allow parents can make reservations the same day. Making accurate reservations and canceling with reasonable advance notice not only helps us properly staff Kids Zone, but also increases accessibility for all parents and children.

Kid Zone Emergency Information Form

All children must have Kid Zone Emergency Information form on file before going us. Stop in and fill out a form.

A new Emergency Form/Waiver must be filled out each year. Parents will need to review and initial forms each session (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) to assure that all information on file is correct.

Download Form

Kids Zone Info

Food & Drinks

No food, snacks, or drinks are allowed in Kids Zone. This includes baby bottles. Please make arrangements to feed your child prior to attending Kids Zone.


Our goal is to accommodate as many families as possible. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to adjust minimum/maximums and locations based on the availability of space, staff, and enrollment in order to maintain the safety, structure and integrity of Kids Zone as a whole.

  • Kids Zone is exclusively for All-Inclusive Fitness Members only.
  • All Kids Zone members must be registered at the Service Desk prior to attending.
  • Kids Zone is for usage of fitness activities only (i.e. children may not be left in Kids Zone for parents to watch a basketball game, swim lessons or any other non-fitness related activity for another child).
  • Special needs accommodations can be made to assist your child. Two weeks minimum notice is required. Please see below for more information.

In order to register, each participant must:

  • Complete and sign proper emergency material for each child.
  • Each child’s photo must be taken by the Kids Zone Staff or the Service Desk Staff.

Special Needs

If your child has any special medical, physical, psychological, and/or emotional needs, please list them in detail on your child’s emergency form. Lack of information may adversely affect the Park District’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child and may necessitate that participant’s removal from the program. Carol Stream Park District is not responsible for any injuries, complications, damages, or losses due to withheld information. Please note – special needs support (i.e WDSRA) requires a minimum 2-week notice prior to participant’s start date. WDSRA can be reached at 630-681-0962 for questions and staff assistance/requests.

Records Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the parents to keep the Kids Zone staff informed of any change to their personal records, so we can maintain up-to-date files. This includes items such as name, address, emergency numbers, immunizations and changes in parents’ custody or health changes in the child.

Yellow Wristbands

A yellow wristband will be fastened by Kids Zone staff to each parent and child(ren) upon drop-off in Kids Zone. The yellow wristband will have numbers written on it, so that each parent and child have matching numbers. Wristbands will be removed by the Kids Zone staff upon child pick up. Parents and children are required to keep their wristband on while utilizing fitness center services at all times. Wristbands will also assist in the tracking of parents in the building in the event their child needs assistance while in Kids Zone.

Scanning In

Kids Zone staff will scan children’s membership ID’s in Kids Zone when children arrive. By scanning in, we will be able to track attendance, match parent/child photos and verify that there is a current membership on file.

Internet Use

Kids Zone participants will have monitored use of computers with parental controlled internet access. Children who are capable of using the computer by themselves (ages 4 and up) will be allowed to do so.


Although staff may arrive prior to prepare, they are NOT permitted to accept participants outside of Kids Zone’s hours of operation. Children must be escorted into Kids Zone and personally “signed- in” by a parent or authorized individual.


Only the parent that dropped off a child is able to pick up the child from Kids Zone. All individuals must be prepared to show picture identification at any time, i.e. Driver’s License or Fitness Member ID. Children are not allowed to sign themselves in or out of Kids Zone.

Late Pick-Up Fee (per child)

Each reservation is limited to 2 hours per visit. A $5.00 late fee for the first ten minutes (or any portion thereof) and $1.00 per minute after the first ten minutes, will be charged if you are late picking up your child. This late fee must be paid the same day at the Service Desk. If late pick-up becomes habitual, you will run the risk of your child being discharged from Kids Zone.

Crying Children

Some children will go through an adjustment period when joining us for the first time. Often a child will calm down shortly after a parent leaves. If a child is unable to calm down within about 10 minutes, it will be up to the discretion of Kids Zone staff as to whether or not the child should be left in Kids Zone for the remainder of the visit or if the parent will be required to come and pick up the child.

Health and Medical Emergency

These standards have been put into place to coincide with the policies followed by CCSD93.

Notifications of Medical Attention: The Carol Stream Park District continually strives to create a safe as well as fun environment for your child to be in. However, at times the occasional accident may occur. Below is our standard and procedure regarding notifying parents/guardians of any such incidents:

Minor Injury/Illness

  • We will only administer simple basic first aid, a bandage and/or ice pack as necessary according to staff training.
  • You will be notified when you pick up your child.

Injury/Illness Requiring More Attention: In addition to the steps above…

  • Parent will be found in Fountain View Recreation Center and be notified.

More Serious Injury/Illness: In addition to the steps above…

  • Program Supervisors will also be immediately contacted.
  • Your child may need to be picked up as immediately as possible.
  • Emergency transportation may be arranged as deemed necessary.

In addition, we will attempt to contact you immediately at any time upon your child’s request.

Healthy Kids

  • If a child is running a fever (99.9 or above) or appears sick (fever, cough, rash, etc.) we request that they be picked up as immediately as possible. The standard of the Carol Stream Park District is that a child be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to Kids Zone.
  • We also ask that you be considerate of other children and staff and keep your child home if they show signs of illness.
  • Paramedics (9-1-1) will be called to handle serious injuries.
  • If your child contracts a contagious illness and has been in Kids Zone within a week prior, please inform the Kids Zone staff. The staff will then distribute Health Alert Notices to affected participants-the child’s name will remain confidential.
  • Kids Zone staff reserve the right to ask that any child be removed from Kids Zone due to any obvious illness (i.e excessively runny nose, coughing, sneezing, etc.).
  • A child must receive appropriate treatment, depending on the condition, before returning to the program and will require a medical release from a school nurse or physician before returning.
  • Children will not be permitted in Kids Zone if they did not attend school that day due to illness.

Dispensing Medication

Distribution of medication is not allowed in Kids Zone. This includes cough drops, vitamins, pain relievers and over-the-counter or prescription drugs. It is highly recommended, if needed, to give your child medication prior to attending Kids Zone. Please note, if your child requires medication during the time they are in Kids Zone, parents will be required to come to Kids Zone to administer their child’s dose. Staff will not be responsible for administering any medication. *Self-Administered Inhalers and EpiPens are the ONLY medications allowed in Kids Zone.


  • Parents must sign and complete the “Permission to Dispense Medication” form, complete the “Self-Administration of Asthma Medication” portion. Form must be signed by a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Advanced Practice R. N
  • Check off the box on the Permission to Dispense Medication form for life threatening medications


As with all Carol Stream Park District Programs, Kids Zone does not provide insurance coverage for participants. Parents should check their individual insurance policy for coverage.

Code of Conduct

The following standards have been established for the benefit of our programs as a whole. The safety, structure and integrity of the program will take priority over those of any one individual. Behavior guidelines are not limited to, but are based on the following overall rules and apply to all participants. The term “participants” refers to children as well as their parents/guardians; accordingly, parents/guardians are also required to follow these policies.


Discipline is carried out in a way that will help children develop self-control and assume responsibility for their own behavior. We encourage children to solve their own conflicts. When necessary, staff will assist children in understanding each other’s actions. We will make every effort to assist the child in correcting any unacceptable behavior through redirection, reminders of expected behavior, and parent meetings. Our approach focuses on positive reinforcement; staff will act in a manner that is kind and caring, yet firm. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to immediately and/or permanently suspend a Kids Zone participant for unmanageable behavior and for serious infractions.

Zero Tolerance

  • No bullying, verbally or physically abusive, threatening, obscene, disrespectful, or physical violence will be tolerated by either parent/guardian or participant. Parents and participants will be held accountable for their actions. All threats, threatening behavior, or drawings will be taken seriously and will be reported to authorities. Participants using threats of death, violence, or suicide will be immediately suspended on their first occurrence. If a second Zero Tolerance Violation occurs, future participation will be determined by the Carol Stream Park District on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to ban any individual from program premises (including building, parking lots, playgrounds, and surrounding areas) who represents a risk or danger to any parties.
  • Parents may not instruct their children to disregard appropriate instructor’s directions, or to respond or retaliate physically with violent/threatening behavior or language. The expectation is cooperation.
  • Parents may not direct, approach, discipline, or instruct children other than their own.
  • Participants should not make any physical contact with other children.
  • Participants must respect the instructors, other participants, and all property, equipment, and facilities.
  • Participants may not place themselves or others in dangerous situations through their actions or behavior.
  • No weapons, or items which may be used as weapons, may be brought to the program.
  • Participants are responsible for their actions and belongings.
  • Participants must respect and follow the staff’s directions.


It is strongly suggested that you take your child to the bathroom before coming to Kids Zone, so that we do not have to disturb you unnecessarily. However, children that are self-sufficient can use the restroom located in the Kids Zone facility. Staff will not accompany your child into the bathroom; staff will stand outside the door. Staff do not wipe bottoms; this is a skill that you may wish to work on at home. Staff may assist with buttons, snaps, zippers and belts. You will be notified and required to pick-up your child if your child has an “accident.”


Staff does not change diapers. If you child’s diaper needs to be changed, you will be notified and required to immediately come to Kids Zone to change your child’s diaper or pick your child up. This procedure is necessary for the sanitation and health of all the children.

Proper Attire

It is recommended that children come in clothing that allows them the freedom to explore and play. Older, more comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes or gym shoes are recommended. Clean shoes/slippers with rubber/leather sole bottoms are required at all times, including crawling infants. Children may not be bare foot while in Kids Zone.

Personal Items

  • Infant car seats are permitted for non-walkers.
  • Personal belongings and toys are not allowed with the exception of iPods, iPads.
  • Staff is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items and reserves the right to restrict or confiscate inappropriate toys.

Safety, Fire & Tornado Procedures

In the case of a fire drill, actual fire, or tornado, the safety of all children and staff is imperative. Staff will follow the Carol Stream Park District Fire and Tornado Procedures. A notice will be posted alerting parents of any upcoming drills.

General Safety Standards & Rules

Guidelines have been established to ensure everyone’s experience is a pleasant one.

  • Parent/Guardian must stay in the building while children attend Kids Zone
  • There is a 2-hour maximum for all children in Kids Zone. Parents are allowed to bring them in once during the A.M shift and once during the P.M shift
  • Children must be between the ages of 6 months old and 11 years old.
  • Kids Zone may accommodate a maximum of 26 children (4 infants and 22 other children ages 1-11 at a time)
  • Completed Kids Zone Emergency Form must be on file prior to service use. All children must have up-to-date medical care.
  • Fitness Member ID must be presented to Kids Zone, if requested by staff upon arrival.
  • Only current Carol Stream Park District staff, current participants, parents/guardian, invited special guests, and individual listed on the Release Forms are allowed on or around premises during program hours.
  • Electronic hand-held games and music players are allowed with restricted use.
  • No hats/visors may be worn indoors. No clothing that depicts violence or inappropriate scenes is allowed.
  • Movies may be shown. All movies will be rated “G/PG”
  • Personal belongings and toys from home, with the exception of electronics, are not allowed in Kids Zone. Staff reserves the right to restrict or confiscate anything they deem inappropriate.
  • Photo taking is not allowed by any hand-held device/toy.
  • Participants must maintain a professional/business relationship at all times with other participants and program staff.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in Kids Zone.
  • Kids Zone will try to maintain adequate ratios for staff to child supervision
  • Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to amend any and all rules/regulations at any time.
  • Photos of the children may be taken by the Carol Stream Park District staff or authorized personnel for marketing promotional purposes
  • Kids Zone is for the use of all-inclusive fitness members only. Kids Zone cannot be used for parents to watch swimming lessons, basketball games, soccer activities, etc.
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