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Facility cleaning closures

Posted on August 8, 2019

Each year we plan a deep cleaning of our facilities. August is a good month to do this, between summer and fall activities and as the kids go back to school. Deep cleaning includes refinishing gym, fitness and dance studio floors. Because the smells are strong while doing this, it’s best to close Fountain View Recreation Center and Fountain View Fitness during those times.

The indoor pool at Fountain View Recreation CenterĀ  is closing from August 12 to 25. The pool is completely drained, powerwashed, repairs made if necessary, and then refilled with fresh water. All this takes a bit of time.

Fountain View FITNESS is open on August 19 and 20, while the fitness studio floors are being refinished, but there will be a smell that may permeate the fitness center and walking track. The entire building is closing for deep cleaning August 21 through August 25. Deep cleaning also includes indoor/outdoor windows, ledges, fitness center equipment, floors throughout the building, furniture, and much more.

Simkus Recreation Center “technically” is not closing but the gym and dance studio (Room #2) will be closed and no activities are planned from August 26 to September 2. There will be a smell that may permeate the building due to the refinishing of the gym and dance studio floors.

Thank you for your cooperation as we maintain our facilities, making them a better place for you!


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