Team Parties


Let us help you plan the end-of-season team party!

Coaches Package Plus

2 hour party for 60 people. Bring you own food. (team, coaches and families) – $150

  • 2 hours of party room (with tables and chairs) and gym (½ court – use of sporting equipment)

Coaches Package

2 hour party for 16 people (coaches and team) – $99

  • 1 hour in party room (with tables and chairs) followed by
  • 1 hour in gym (½ court – use of sporting equipment)
  • Pizza and drinks for 16 people
  • Paper products

Parties are held at Simkus based on availability. Sporting equipment choices are basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and soccer.*Additional guests and food can be added on for additional cost.** Pizza & drinks can be added on for additional cost.

Request Your Team Party

Team Parties Request

This form is only a “request for availability” and is reviewed by Park District Staff before final rental availability is confirmed.  Once confirmed, an contract is generated and full payment is due within 48 hours. It is only upon execution of contract and receipt of payment that the rental request is booked and guaranteed.

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