Youth Sports Official Evaluation

Write "Unknown" if you don't know the officials name.
Please indicate which court or field the game was on.
Positive interaction with players and coach. Effectively communicates and responds to coaches in a professional tone and manner. Is approachable and courteous. Displays integrity in handling game situations
Physically fit to call contest; has proper equipment for game; good game equipment/uniform appearance; displays mobility and is able to get in proper position for opportunity to make call(s); hustles in all situations; is physically able to work entire game (endurance); general physical condition and physical appearance: hair trimmed, shaven (men), clean, weight and height are proportional.
Displays desire to do best job possible; gives best possible effort; displays desire to work assigned game without complaint; shows pride in appearance and performance; maintains control of game and game situations; is prompt in all situations before, during and after game. The partners do not repeatedly wait on this official. Conducts self in professional manner.
Knows the rules of the game. Applies rules consistently and decisively; permits play in the spirit of the rules without over-officiating; does not make numerous and/or repetitive mistakes; identifies and corrects errors in a positive manner; displays integrity and common sense in application of penalties and clock management; helpful to crew on rules interpretation situations; shows good judgment.
Displays mobility and is in proper position for opportunity to make call(s); covers assigned duties, contributes to the effectiveness of the entire crew; gives good clear signals, using proper signals as defined in manual; appropriately communicates with partners; performs preventive officiating when appropriate; functions as team member in applying sound, approved mechanics; identifies and points out or corrects errors immediately; does not make numerous and/or repetitive mistakes.
Hustles in all situations; exhibits game control and positive game management; consistent with calls and enforcements; communicates with coach to give team info on player actions, fouls, and timeouts; communicates with players to encourage, correct, warn, and preventive officiate; communicates with officials during play to assure proper rules and mechanics application; displays courage to make tough call(s) correctly; understands significance of game situations and strategies.
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Please provide if you would like to be contacted
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