Your Board of Commissioners

The Carol Stream Park District Board of Commissioners consists of seven individuals who are elected by residents to represent the community’s best interests. The charge of the Board is to set policies that guide the Park District. Board members serve a four-year term and receive no compensation for their time. They come from a variety of backgrounds and share one important trait ― a commitment to serving the park and recreational needs of our community.

Meet the Board

President — Tim Powers
serving since 2007
Vice President — Anthony Del Preto
serving since 2017
Commissioner — Dan Bird
serving since 2003
Commissioner — Brenda Gramann
serving since 2001
Commissioner — John Jaszka
serving since 2011
Commissioner — Jacqueline Jeffery
serving since 2011
Commissioner— Brian Sokolowski
serving since 2001


Park Board Committees

Commissioners Jaszka and Jeffery

Personnel & Policy
Commissioners Gramann and Sokolowski

Parks & Facilities
Commissioners Bird, Del Preto and Sokolowski

  • Board President on each committee.
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