Today, Tuesday, March 19, we are attempting controlled burns at Evergreen and Slepicka Parks. The fire helps manage weeds and other growth and thus helps to reduce the risk of wildfires, but it also can help restore nutrients and help lead to more desirable plant growth in the future. Woodlands, prairies, and wetlands are perfect natural communities for contained fires.




Boating (motors are not allowed) is only permitted in Mitchell Lakes, Evergreen Lakes and Heritage Lakes. State boating regulations apply. Illinois State requires non-motorized boating license from Illinois Department of Natural Resources.


Catch and release fishing is encouraged in all park district waterways. State fishing regulations and licensing apply. Ice fishing is strictly prohibited. Illinois State requires fishing license from Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Ice skating

Ice skating is not permitted on Park District ponds or streams.

Sled Hills

Sled hills in Armstrong and Weeks Park West are open for public use during winter months.

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