Gymnastics, Tumbling & Cheer

Gymnastics, Tumbling, and Cheer 

Classes are held at Simkus Recreation Center in the gymnastics room to room 5.

Assessments are required for Level 2 & up, Cricket Intermediate and Kinderbugs Intermediate. Assessments are also required for any of these levels if more than one session has been skipped. Call 630-784-6105 to schedule an assessment.

Only the registered child is allowed to attend and participate. Parents and siblings are not allowed in the program room during class time.

Due to our specific student/teacher ratios, make up classes cannot be issued unless a class is canceled by the park district.

Fall session parent viewing opportunities are Monday December 11, Tuesday December 19, Wednesday December 13, and Saturday December 16.

During parent/child classes and parent observation week, please make alternate arrangements for siblings. Siblings under the age of six may not attend evening class observation.


Competitive Gymnastics and Tumbling

Now accepting new members – no experience necessary! Come tryout out on May 17 between 6-8 PM! No cost to register. 

The Springers of Carol Stream is a year round gymnastics team for ages 6-18 years. Springers compete in the Illinois Park District Gymnastic Conference at the tumbling, compulsory, and optional levels. An assessment by the head coach is required. Registration for Springers is not available online. Session runs year-round from May-May.

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Future Stars
Competes tumbling passes and USAG levels 1 & 2 Compulsory routines when skills are met.

Rising Stars
Competes tumbling passes and USAG levels 2 & 3 Compulsory routines.

Shooting Stars
Level 3 gymnasts may have the opportunity to compete Optional routines as their skill level improves. Competes USAG level 4 Compulsory and Optional routines.

Super Stars
Competes USAG level 5 Compulsory and Optional routines.

To join the team register for our tryout assessment day! August 9 between 6-8 PM! 

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Recreational Gymnastics and Tumbling

Our recreational gymnastics program is designed for girls and boys of all ages and abilities. Our philosophy is to teach gymnastics as a lifetime sport. Classes are specific to age and ability level so gymnasts can progress at their own pace. Children will develop discipline, perseverance, self-confidence, strength, and flexibility with a spirit of play and fun.


Classes for our youngest gymnasts are structured around a theme and use skill-builder equipment such as wedges, octagons, mini bars, and floor beams to incorporate fun and imagination. Morning, evening, and weekend classes are offered.

Tumbling & Cheernastics

Tumbling classes are offered for cheerleaders and anyone looking to improve their tumbling skills and flexibility (gymnastics equipment is not used). Flip Flop Clinics include drills to work towards or perfect back handsprings. Non-competitive Cheernastics focuses on cheers, jumps, stunts, and short dance routines.

Take Two Classes

Progress at a faster rate and and receive a discount! Each week you must come to the same two days and times in which you are registered. Take two classes are offered for Levels 1-4, Baby Bugs, Dragonfly, Kinderbugs, and Tumbling.


Gymnastics for Siblings: 

Younger children will learn from watching an older sibling as a good example. Older kids gain confidence and learn by helping a younger sibling learn new skills! The class is modified for the range of ages so there is skill development for everyone. The class will be taught through obstacle courses, and on various pieces of equipment.

Aerial Clinic: 

Take your tumbling to the next level! This class will focus on advanced tumbling skills such as front aerials, side aerials, back tucks, and tumbling combinations. Participants must be able to do a round-off flip flop before registering.

Crossfit N’ Flip: 

Calling all skateboarders, tumblers, and superhero?s in training! Learn body control, flipping, balance, and coordination. Includes running, jumping, strength exercises, and core work with use of gymnastics equipment and more. All of these activities promote agility and physical fitness that will not only help to improve skills for other sports but also gain confidence, discipline, and overall love of fitness.



Join the Fun

Summer Camps

Beat the Heat Gymnastics Camp

  • Ages: 6-18 yrs
  • Price: $85 R/$105 NR
  • Time: 9:30 AM-3:30 PM
  • Dates: August 6-9

Beat the heat and improve your gymnastics and dance skills and swim at Coral Cove Water Park. Participants are grouped by age and ability. Cheerleaders can work on specific tumbling skills needed for tryouts. Participants receive skill evaluation and participatory award.

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Drop-In's NEW!

Taps, Toes, & Tumbling 9:30-11:30 AM

  • Ages: 3-6 yrs
  • Price: $25 R/$37 NR

Tumble your way through an obstacle course and learn basic gymnastics skills. Dancers will explore ballet through the use of props and simple choreography.

Dates offered: 

  • June 14
  • July 12
  • August 2

Hip Hop & Flip Flop 9:00-11:25 AM  

  • Ages: 7-13 yrs
  • Price: $30 R/$45 NR

Combine tumbling & dance with this fun day camp. Dancers will learn rhythm through hip hop. Then tumble your way through an obstacle course and learn basic gymnastics skills.

Dates offered: 

  • June 11
  • July 9
  • July 30

Flip & Dip 9:30 AM-2:30 PM

  • Ages: 7-13 yrs
  • Price: $55 R/$75 NR

Spend your morning flipping around the gymnastics room, and the afternoon taking a dip in the pool at Coral Cove! Gymnasts will work on basic gymnastics skills, and will be split up according to their skill level.

Dates offered: 

  • June 27
  • July 18
  • August 1



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Private Gymnastics Lessons

Get customized instruction on specific skills of your choice. Group and individual lessons must be paid in full prior to scheduling. An instructor will contact you to schedule your lessons.

1 Hour / One Lesson $34 $54
1 Hour / Five Lessons $150 $235
1 Hour / Ten Lessons $280 $440
30 Min. / One Lesson $24 $36
30 Min./ Five Lessons $105 $155
30 Min. / Ten Lessons $190 $290

Open Gymnastics

January 7-March 28

  • Tuesday 8-9pm

  • Saturdays 1:35-2:35pm

One Visit $6
Five Visits $25
Ten Visits $40

The Gymnastics room is open for extra practice. Participants must only work on skills they can successfully complete without a spotter. An adult must sign a waiver for all children under 18 years before they can participate. Download a waiver at csparks.org. A minimum of three participants is required. For cancellations call 630-784-6100. Open gymnastics registration is not available online.

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