Gymnastics, Tumbling & Cheer

Recreational Gymnastics and Tumbling

Our recreational gymnastics program is designed for girls and boys of all ages and abilities. Our philosophy is to teach gymnastics as a lifetime sport. Classes are specific to age and ability level so gymnasts can progress at their own pace. Children develop discipline, perseverance, self-confidence, strength, and flexibility with a spirit of play and fun.

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Ninja Classes

3 levels of Ninja classes are now offered! Mini Ninjas, Ninja Stars and Super Ninjas will explore training drills inspired by American Ninja Warrior using strength, stability and more. Powered in part by a grant from Power Play, there is no shortage of fun in these classes.


Classes for our youngest gymnasts use skill-builder equipment such as wedges, octagons, mini bars, and floor beams to incorporate fun and imagination. Morning, evening, and weekend classes are offered. Classes are with parent (or caregiver).


With both Cheernastics and Tumbling for Cheer classes available, even our littlest cheer leaders are learning skills like technique and form for cheers and the drills to master tumbling.

Adult Gymnastics

Looking to try something new or renew a passion. We work at your individual pace and use mats and drills to suit your skill level. All tumbling levels are welcome.

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way for your gymnast or cheerleader to pay closer attention to specific skills.

Working with a coach one on one isolates the mechanics of movement and helps your participant improve while feeling motivated and learning new skills.

Coaches are patient and love seeing your participant succeed!

Gold Coaches: $55 per hour, per session (10+ years of experience)

Silver Coaches: $45 per hour, per session (3 to 9 years of experience)

Bronze Coach: $37 per hour, per session (1 to 3 years of experience)



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Workshop & Clinics

Learn a new skill or perfect one you already have. Workshop and clinics provide time to work on a specific skill.

Some clinics/workshops include:

  • Advanced Flip Clinic
  • Cartwheels & Back Walkovers Workshop
  • Flexiibility & Strength

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Competitive Gymnastics and Tumbling

The Springers of Carol Stream is a year-round gymnastics team for ages 5-18 years. Springers compete in the Illinois Park District Gymnastic Conference at the tumbling, compulsory, and optional levels. An assessment by the head coach is required.

The Springers Gymnastics Team always accepts new team members and there is no experience necessary. Join a supportive, welcoming gym community, with coaches who want gymnasts to succeed.

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