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Equipment Orientation

A FREE introduction to cardio, strength, and selectorized equipment is available to all-inclusive members. Learn how to operate your favorite machines and receive guidance on proper form and technique. Youth Members ages 12-17 must complete an equipment orientation before utilizing the fitness center.

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Group Training Classes

Refer to the Activity Guide Fitness section to see fee-based Group Training classes. Fitness Members receive discounted pricing. Membership is not required to participate. We are currently offering:

Athletic Stretching & Mobility

Participants will learn principles of stretching and mobility with an understanding of anatomy and physiology as they relate to their body. Through demonstrations and practice, participants will learn dynamic warm-up routines, stretching techniques, and mobility exercises tailored specifically for the active lifestyle.

Train For 5K!

Whether it’s your first 5k or you want to improve your running time, this program will prepare you for your next race. Each session with our trainer includes cardio, strength and core training to help you become a stronger runner. Participants will receive a Train For 5K! t-shirt!

Walking for Wellness

Walking for Wellness promotes physical activity, improves health outcomes, and enhances overall well-being through the simple yet powerful activity of walking. Participants will learn and practice proper poster and stride with group walks led by an experienced personal trainer. These walks may explore various parks and trails around the Carol Stream Park District providing a dynamic and enjoyable experience. Participants will receive a Walking for Wellness t-Shirt!

Weight Training 101

Weight Training 101 will introduce participants to the fundamentals of strength training, empowering them to build strength and enhance overall fitness levels using plates, bars, and dumbbells correctly and effectively.

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Youth Fitness Programs

Refer to the Activity Guide Fitness section to see fee-based specialty fitness classes. Membership is not required. We are currently offering:


Speed agility training with Blackline Athletic consists of developing various athletic skills to be more explosive and aggressive on the field or court; simulating and rehearsing game-type situations, regardless of sport or activity.

Strength Academy

Youth strength training with Blackline Athletic consists of a strength equipment introduction with instruction on proper form and technique to prevent injury. Participants will utilize the indoor turf at Fountain View Fitness to jump, flip, and slam their way to a stronger self.

Speed Squad / Strength Brigade

A dynamic and energetic team dedicated to enhancing physical fitness and agility among young athletes. They will focus on cultivating speed, strength, and endurance in this class led by a strength coaching from Blackline Athletic. This program is offered as a single session, School Day Off program.

PELOTON - Now included in your membership!

PELOTON has arrived at Fountain View Fitness! Enjoy a free subscription to the PELOTON platform with  live & on-demand classes.

Member Newsletters - Fit Thoughts


May 2024 Fit Thoughts


500 Mile Challenge 2024

Challenge yourself to walk, jog or run 500 miles in 2024! That’s only 1.4 miles per day or less than 10 miles per week to stay on pace. Log your miles at the fitness desk every time you use the indoor track or a treadmill at Fountain View Fitness. Prizes awarded at each milestone of 125, 250, 375, and 500 miles.

FIVE Members completing 500 miles within 2024 will be chosen for an additional one month added to their membership AND we will have a drawing for ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of a free membership for 2025. This challenge is for all-inclusive fitness members and paid indoor walking track members only.

Register for FREE at any point in 2024.


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Fountain View Fitness Rules

Fitness Rules

Keep yourself and others safe by following the rules. The Carol Stream Park District and Fountain View Fitness Center reserves the right to revoke any fitness membership or daily pass if there are continual violations of facility rules. Fitness management is authorized to enforce fitness center rules and policies. Feel free to ask for assistance. The Carol Stream Park District does not provide individual health and accident insurance. Carol Stream Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

  • No Photography or Video Recording
  • Do not Drop Dumbbells or Plates
  • Do not Slam Pre-loaded Weight Stacks
  • No Profane or Offensive Language
  • No Bags on Fitness Floor – use Lockers
  • No Open-toed Shoes or Sandals
  • No Food
  • Do not attempt to Fix a Machine
  • No Strong Scented Perfume or Lotions
  • Follow all Staff Instruction
  • Return Weights to Proper Location
  • Use Machine Weights as Intended
  • Use Collars at All Times
  • Shirts must be worn to Cover Upper Body/Midriff
  • Wear Clean Clothing and Shoes
  • Headphones Required for Personal Music Listening
  • Notify Staff IMMEDIATELY if Injury Occurs

Proof of Membership

  • All members must scan in via membership card or the Park District app at the front desk upon arrival and at the fitness studios before classes.
  • Inactive or invalid memberships must be resolved prior to participation.
  • Daily passes can be purchased for non-members wishing to use the facility.
  • Lost membership cards may be replaced for a $5 fee.
  • Memberships are non-transferrable and may not, under any circumstance, be shared. Violations result in a suspension of membership (without credit or refund) and a $50 fine. Upon payment of the fine, membership privileges may be reinstated. Repeated membership abuse may be subject to termination of membership.

Violations of Rules

Violations of any rule or regulation are subject to the following procedure:

  • Verbal Warning – violator informed by staff of the violation
  • Second Warning – a written warning issued to the violator
  • Third Warning – membership may be revoked

Fitness members should report all specific concerns immediately to the Fitness staff.

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