Carol Stream Parks Foundation

The Carol Stream Parks Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing additional financial support for public parks and recreation programs of the Carol Stream Park District. It is managed by a board of directors who live or work locally and are passionate about providing a strong financial foundation for parks and recreation in the community.

When you make a gift to Carol Stream Parks Foundation, you are giving a lasting gift to your community. It’s a wonderful way to help improve the parks and programs you know and love, and ensure they will be there for generations to come.

Your donation helps us fund our Scholarship Program, Parks & Facility Improvements, Program Enhancements  and Green Initiatives.

Carol Stream Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to improving financial support for the Carol Stream Park District. All contributions to the organization are tax deductible. Identified donors receive a written receipt.


Yes we did it!

The Carol Stream Parks Foundation presented the Carol Stream Park District’s Board of Commissioners with a check for $2,000 to benefit the park district’s youth scholarship program at the Feb 13 Board Meeting. These funds were raised during 2016 through various fundraising events, such as the annual Duck Race, Bike Club memberships and generous donations to the Foundation.

Pictured are (L-R) – Alann Petersen (Foundation Vice-President), Carol Stream Park District Board of Commissioners: Dan Bird, Brenda Gramann, Tim Powers, Jackie Jeffrey, Brian Sokolowski, John Jaszka, Executive Director Jim Reuter and Frank Parisi (Foundation President)

Parks Foundation Mission

We build and strengthen the financial resources of the District by receiving gifts, grants, bequests and endowments on the District’s behalf. Contributions from individuals and businesses are used to improve or add to existing park projects or programs, or to help fund future projects.

Financial Assistance
This ongoing program helps people suffering financial hardship afford recreation activity fees. Many kids and adults would not be able to play baseball, go to camp, learn to swim, attend the after school program, or stay active and connected if it wasn’t for this program.

Park & Facility Improvements
Adding amenities to parks and facilities adds enjoyment value for visitors, and enriches our community. Currently, scoreboards are needed for the new McCaslin and Armstrong Park baseball/softball fields. Also needed are gifts for extended trails, park benches, trees, playground replacements, and enhancements to the new recreation center.

Recreation Program Enrichment
Sports, gymnastics, dance, swim team, and any recreation program area can be improved with additional equipment, supplies, or staffing. These enhancements make the programs more effective, more fun, or more meaningful for participants. They can also help keep registration fees lower, allowing more people to join in.

Greening Initiatives
From energy efficiency to environmental restoration, additional funds are needed to help the park district “go green”, restore and protect natural areas, and educate visitors. Financial gifts or gifts of land will help create a greener environment in our community.

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Bike Club

The Carol Stream Parks Foundation Bike Club is excited to announce plans for the 2017 bike riding season! 2016 was the 3rd year of our club and the most successful as we had 35 participants. Our largest bike ride of the season saw 17 riders travel 19-miles on bike paths through Carol Stream, Bartlett, South Elgin and Wayne via the West Branch Trail, Hawk Hollow Trail, Bartlett Trail, Stearns Road Trail, IL Prairie Path and Great Western Trail.

The Bike Club accommodates all age levels and skill groups. Each bike ride leaves at the posted time/location and is led by one of our guides who planned the route. We ride at a pace that is comfortable for the entire group and we stop at all road  crossings and wait a few minutes to let the line of bikers catch up. On a 16-mile bike ride we may stop four or five times. Riders, who inform the guide, can choose their own distance and go back at any point along the route. Safety is a priority and we select routes which are nearly all bike trail. The exceptions are when we ride on the pavement of low traffic roads. We encourage riding along sidewalks at a slower pace to make trail connections instead of busy roadways.

Bike Club registration proceeds go directly to the Carol Stream Parks Foundation. Bike Club registration can be completed at the front desks of Fountain View or Simkus. The 2017 individual season fee is $30 per rider or $45 per family for as many or as few rides on our schedule that you choose.

2017 Bike Club Schedule –

  • 1st Thursday of each month May-Oct. Rides of 8-12 miles. May04, June01, July06, Aug03, Sept07, Oct05. Meet at Fountain View Recreation Center front door. Rides leave at 6pm and returns before 730pm.
  • 3rd Saturday of each month May-Oct. Rides of 18-24 miles. May20, June17, July15, Aug19, Sept16, Oct21. Meet at Simkus Recreation Center front door. Rides leave at 9am and returns before 1130am.
  • Depending on interest we plan to meet as a group at a prominent regional trailhead for several half-day trips.

2017 Bike Club Information –

  • 2017 season starts in May and runs through October.
  • Sign-up now (at Fountain View or Simkus) and reserve your spot for the
    2017 season. Start receiving bike ride maps, notifications, schedules and
    club participants.
  • Group Leaders are Carol Stream residents: Larry Driscoll, Dave Creighton,
    Steve Bishe and Steven Ravanesi.

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Your donation dollars increase if you work for a company with a matching gift program.

Carol Stream Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to improving financial support for the Carol Stream Park District. All contributions to the organization are tax deductible. Identified donors will receive a written receipt.

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Leave a Legacy

Your will is a meaningful way to make a lasting gift. Such a provision can be structured to fit your personal, family, and financial needs, and can be reviewed and revised in the future.

General Bequest
One of the most popular ways to make a charitable gift through your will, a general bequest allows you to simply leave a specific dollar amount. Example: I give $25,000 to The Carol Stream Parks Foundation, Carol Stream, IL, to be used for its exempt purposes.

Residuary Bequest
To give an organization all or a portion of an estate after debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been paid, a residuary bequest lets you provide specific amounts to family members or friends, and leave the remainder to Carol Stream Parks Foundation. Example: I give the rest of the property I own at my death to The Carol Stream Parks Foundation, Carol Stream, IL, to be used for its exempt purposes.

Percentage Bequest
The most flexible way to give, the size of your percentage bequest automatically changes with the size of the estate. Example: I give 20-percent of my estate to The Carol Stream Parks Foundation, Carol Stream, IL, to be used for its exempt purposes.

Contingent Bequest
A contingent bequest takes effect only if the primary intention cannot be met. Example: If (primary beneficiary) predeceases me or disclaims any interest in (description of property), I give such property to The Carol Stream Parks Foundation Inc., Carol Stream, IL, to be used for its exempt purposes.

Restricted Bequest
Any type of bequest can restricted to a specific purpose. Example: I give $50,000 to The Carol Stream Parks Foundation, Carol Stream, IL, to create a named endowment to fund financial assistance for deserving applicants.

Gift of Life Insurance
Through the Carol Stream Parks Foundation, the Foundation can become the beneficiary, or contingent beneficiary, of a life insurance policy. You retain lifetime ownership of the policy. Other options include transferring ownership to the Carol Stream Parks Foundation or purchasing a new policy with the Foundation as owner and beneficiary.

Gifts of Retirement Assets
Retirement plan assets differ from most other assets you may own. Upon your death, these assets are subject to not only an estate tax, but also an income tax. This additional tax exposure makes your retirement plan assets significantly more expensive to transfer to non-spousal beneficiaries than real estate, stocks and certain other assets. However, retirement plan assets, including IRAs, 403(B) plans, 401(K) plans and other plans, represent one of the best assets for charitable giving. Consider using retirement plan benefits to make a significant gift to Carol Stream Parks Foundation. Due to the tax treatment of these plan benefits, the cost of your gift to your estate and heirs is often relatively small.

Other Ways to Leave a Legacy
There are more ways, such as charitable trusts and gifts of real estate, to benefit both your heirs and the Foundation. Individual situations vary, so please consult your professional advisers on other ways to give. If you are considering a gift of real estate, please contact us first to be certain the Foundation is able to receive your gift.

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“For the first time, (my kids) were able to be a part of organized sports and they really enjoyed it more than I could have imagined. Their physical stamina and strength increased and they lost some weight and improved their health and fitness so much that it was noticeable even after the first year.”

– Thankful Resident