Gymnastics Guidelines

Gymnastics - COVID Guidelines

The health and safety of our gymnasts are paramount and we  implemented an operations plan in accordance with the latest Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidelines. The following highlights are subject to change based on further guidance from local, state, and federal authorities.

April 25, 2022

Note, these procedures and requirements may change or be enforced at any time in order to maintain the safest environment possible for our participants and staff. We appreciate you abiding by all guidelines 

Cleaning & Safety Measures

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of the building and high-touch surfaces are conducted.
  • Gymnastics staff is cleaning equipment and supplies between each group’s use.
  • Bathrooms are sanitized often
  • End of day cleaning of the recreation center is performed with electrostatic misters for additional disinfecting.
  • Participants displaying any COVID symptoms are isolated until pick-up and can return with a note from a medical professional stating they acknowledge the symptom displayed in class but that the participant is approved to return to the program.
  • Participants who are suspected of having COVID, test positive, or have come into close contact with someone who is COVID-positive in the last 14 days must report this information to the Recreation Supervisor so proper protocol can be followed.

Participant Expectations

  • “Participants” include gymnasts and parents/guardians in a parent-child class.
  • Participants must conduct a wellness check prior to coming to class.
    • Current symptoms include Fever of 100.4+ degrees or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, the new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.
    • Refer to the CDC website as the list of symptoms is updated occasionally.
  • Participants cannot attend if they:
    • Are displaying any COVID symptoms.
    • Tested positive for COVID or are awaiting test results.
    • If you have come into close contact with a COVID positive case, you may stay on normal activity UNLESS you are not fully vaccinated, OR you are displaying symptoms of COVID. Unvaccinated participants should quarantine for 5 days.
  • Participants should come dressed for gymnastics.
  • Participants should eat before or after practice. Snacks are not allowed
    • For team members only:
      • Chalk in a Ziploc bag (we provide)
      • Grips, wristbands
      • Spray bottle filled with water (for Shooting and Super if applicable)
      • Hair ties


Recreation Gymnastics and Tumbling Guidelines


Assessments are required for:

  • Level 2 and up
  • Cricket Intermediate
  • Kinderbugs Intermediate
  • any level if more than one session has been skipped

Call 630-784-6105 to schedule an assessment.

Authorized Individuals

  • Only the registered child is allowed to attend and participate.
  • Parents and siblings are not allowed in the program room during class time.

Makeup Classes

Due to our specific student/teacher ratios, makeup classes cannot be issued unless a class is canceled by the Carol Stream Park District.

Parent Observation

  • Parent viewing opportunities are not currently offered.
  • During parent/child classes and parent observation week, make alternate arrangements for siblings. Siblings under the age of six may not attend evening class observation.

Springers Handbook


Eligibility to Compete

  • Prior to tumbling meets, gymnasts must attend the practice immediately before a meet or they are not allowed to compete.
  • Prior to all other meets, gymnasts must attend 2 of the 3 practices before a meet in order to be eligible to compete.
  • The last practice before a meet is mandatory.


Tumbling, Compulsory, and Optional meet fees paid through a code for the entire season. In addition, gymnasts who qualify for sectionals and state meets owe an additional fee a week prior to the meets. Event qualifications are provided by the coaches once confirmed. All payments must be made on time and with the registration team at the front desk. Compulsory Meet Fees are due: September 1. Tumbling meet fees are due November 1. Optional meet fees are due by Dec 1. Exact Costs are distributed at the fall parent meeting

Additional items you may choose to purchase include spirit wear and meet t-shirts. Information is distributed when available and payments are accepted at the front desk.

There are additional required fees for the program such as team leotards and meet fees that are not included in the monthly cost. Below is an estimated price range and break down:

Future StarsRising StarsShooting StarsSuper Stars
Team Leotards$150$150$150$150
Tumbling Meets$45$45N/AN/A
Tumbling Sectionals$12$12N/AN/A
Tumbling State$15$15N/AN/A
Compulsory Meets$75$75$75$75
Compulsory Sectionals$12$12$10 per event / $50 max$10 per event / $50 max
Compulsory State$10 per event / $50 max$10 per event / $50 max$10 per event / $50 max$10 per event / $50 max
Optional MeetsN/AN/A$70$70
Optional SectionalsN/AN/A$10 per event / $50 max$10 per event / $50 max
Optionals StateN/AN/A$10 per event / $50 max$10 per event / $50 max

Forms Required to Compete

  • Medical Release
  • Parent Code of Conduct

Forms are distributed at the preseason informational meeting.

Meet Schedule

The competition season is from September to May. All meets are local, usually on Sundays, with some on Saturdays.

Participate in 5-10 meets, depending on what division of competition you are in:

  • Tumbling – five regular meets, one sectional meet, and one state meet
  • Compulsory – five regular meets, one sectional meet, and one state meet
  • Optional – five regular meets, one sectional meet, and one state meet


Transportation to meets is not provided by Carol Stream Park District and is the responsibility of the gymnasts’ parent/guardian.

Level Requirements

Future Stars

Skills Required No minimum skills required. 

Gymnasts are required to compete in a minimum of three (3) tumbling meets per season to maintain team status. The competition season is September through February. Competes tumbling passes and USAG level 1 & 2 Compulsories when skills are met.

Rising Stars

Skills Required Forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, handstand, round off, back walkover, back extension roll, front walkover. 

The gymnast should be at the advanced beginner tumbling level. Gymnasts are required to compete in a minimum of three (3) tumbling meets per season to maintain team status. The competitive season is September through February. Competes tumbling passes and USAG levels 2 & 3 Compulsory routines when skills are met.

Shooting Stars

Skills Required Vault-handspring; Bars-kip, front and back hip circles, cast-squat on; Beam-cartwheels, handstand; Floor-round-off flip-flop and front handspring. 

The gymnast should be at the Level 4 Compulsory level, and the bronze/silver Optional Level. Gymnasts are required to compete in a minimum of three (3) Compulsory meets and three (3) Optional meets to maintain team status. The compulsory season is September through January and the Optional season is January through May. Tumbling meets are optional. Competes USAG level 4 Compulsory and Optional routines when skills are met.

Super Stars

Skills Required Vault-handspring; Bars-long hang kip, free hip, fly away; Beam-back-walkover; Floor-tuck-back, front.

The gymnast competes in Level 5 compulsory routines and silver or gold optional routines. This is the highest level of competition. Gymnasts compete in individual routines following the Illinois High School Association guidelines. Additional practice time includes Open Gym and extra practices. These are recommended for this level but are not mandatory. Gymnasts are required to compete in a minimum of three (3) Level 5 Compulsory meets and three (3) Optional meets to maintain team status. The compulsory season is September through January and the Optional season is January through May. Competes for USAG level 5 Compulsory and Optional routines when skills are met.

Parent/Guardian Commitment

Home Meets Volunteering

  • One parent/guardian from each household is required to volunteer at all home meets.
  • Options include set-up the prior evening or a variety of positions the day of the meet.
  • Volunteers must be over the age of 18.

Preseason Informational Meeting

  • Parent/Guardian must attend the mandatory preseason informational meeting.
  • The meeting date is in August.

Parent Volunteer Committee

Springers Parent Volunteer Committee which meets monthly. Positions need to be filled on an annual basis. Open positions are advertised.


Springers practice year-round, 2-3 times a week.

TeamPractice Hours
Future StarsMonday & Thursday (4:15-6:15 pm)
Rising StarsMonday, Thursday & Friday 4:15pm to 6:15pm
Shooting StarsMonday & Thursday (6pm to 9pm) & Friday (4:15-6:15 pm)
Super StarsMonday, Thursday & Friday (6-9 pm)


Nine weeks throughout the year where Springers do not have structured practice. Open gyms may be available during the time off, and more information is given closer to those breaks.



Discipline is carried out in a way to help children develop self-control and assume responsibility for their own behavior. We make every effort to assist the child in correcting any unacceptable behavior through re-direction, reminders of expected behavior, time-outs, and parent conferences. Our approach focuses on positive reinforcement; staff acts in a manner that is kind and caring, yet firm.

If an incident occurs, coaches have a behavioral form detailing what happened for parents.


Gymnasts with injuries are still encouraged to attend practices. Certain skills can still be learned and accomplished. If they are not attending and you wish to put your membership on hold contact the supervisor.

Missing Practice

As a courtesy to our coaches, we ask that you call or send a note before your child’s absent. We cannot schedule make-up practices.

Parents Viewing

Because parents see their children in competition, we do not hold a parent-viewing week. We are happy to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have before or after practice.


Medical or Injury Suspension

If an injury occurs and participation needs to be suspended, a medical note is required. A prorated refund or credit can be issued and is not subject to a ‘Service Fee’.


Springers is a monthly membership fee, which covers the practices and the coaches fees. There are additional required fees for the program such as team leotards and meet fees that are not included in the monthly cost. Springer members must meet the financial requirements for team practices, competitions, special performances, and uniforms.

Payments can be made on a month to month basis or in full.

Payments – Monthly Basis All payment plans must be made via automatic withdraw on the 15st of each month. Complete an automatic payment request form at the time of registration. Payments are set up to be made two weeks prior to participation. Payments that are not successfully processed prior to the first of the month or participation is suspended. The monthly fee is determined based on the average monthly cost to run the program annually. Price per month is not broken down by the number of practices that month. When there is time off during the summer, fall, and winter the monthly rate remains the same.

TeamMonthly Fee
Future Stars$109
Rising Stars$149
Shooting Stars$185
Super Stars$199

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

View Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Springer participants abide by the Carol Stream Park District Refund and Withdrawal Policy. There are no refunds for missed classes, meet fees or team uniforms.

Team Events

Mandatory Preseason Informational MeetingAugust
Holiday PartyDecember
Picture DayDecember
End of Year PerformanceMay
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