Awesome Adventure Camp – Calendar

You want the best for your child and our goal is to provide a summer filled with memories that last a lifetime!

Take a look at everything we have planned for our campers this summer! All activities are subject to change with limited or no notice.




Week 1 - May 26No CampNo CampNo CampNo CampWelcome to Camp!
Week 2 - May 30-June 2No CampGo Teamwork!Coral/Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/Movie Day/5th/6th - Tie Dye!ImaginariumCoral/Cove Water ParkBlackberry Farm Field Trip
Week 3 - June 5-9Armstrong Park/Coral Cove Water ParkChicago Sports Da/Coral Cove Water ParkCSPD Gymnastics/Cambridge Park/5th/6th - Mini-GolfFilthy Fun Day/Coral Cove Water ParkSea Lion Aquatic Park Field Trip
Week 4 - June 12-16Hampe Park/Coral Cove Water ParkDown the Rabbit Hole/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/Balloon ShowAround the World/Coral Cove Water ParkOtter Cove Water Park Field Trip
Week 5 - June 19-23Bierman Park/Coral Cove Water ParkGlow in the Dark Day/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/BMX ShowWater Day at Hampe Park/Coral Cove Water ParkFuntopia Field Trip
Week 6 - June 26-30McCaslin Splash Pad/Coral Cove Water ParkAnimal Planet/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/Reptile Show/5th/6th - Capture the Flag at Bierman ParkUnder the Sea/Coral Cove Water ParkLincoln Park Zoo Field Trip
Week 7 - July 3-7Armstrong Park/Coral Cove Water ParkNo CampCambridge Park/Bounce HouseFilthy Fun Day/Coral Cove Water ParkTurtle Splash Water Park Field Trip
Week 8 - July 10-14Bierman Park/Coral Cove Water ParkParty in the USA/Coral Cove Water Park/5th/6th - Slushies at 7/11Kane County Cougars Field TripWacky Sports/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/Fun Wizz
Week 9 - July 17-21Mini Golf/Coral Cove Water ParkChallenge Day/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/CSPD TheatreDisney Day/Coral Cove Water ParkPelican Harbor Water Park Field Trip
Week 10 - July 24-28Armstrong Park/Coral Cove Water ParkHawaiian Day/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/Hawaiian Dance Show/5th/6th - Games at Bierman ParkWater Day at Hampe Park/Coral Cove Water ParkThe Field Museum Field Trip
Week 11 - July 31 - August 4Bierman Park/Coral Cove Water ParkSuper STEM!/Coral Cove Water ParkCambridge Park/PJ Movie DayWater Day at Hampe Park/Coral Cove Water ParkHaunted Trails Field Trip
Week 12 - August 7-11Cambridge Park/Coral Cove Water ParkAnimal Planet/Coral Cove Water ParkHampe Park/McCaslin Park Pursuit/5th/6th - McDonald's Ice CreamCamp Olympics/Coral Cove Water ParkParadise Bay Water Park Field Trip
Week 13 - August 14-15McCaslin Splash Pad/Mini-GolfWater Day at Hampe/Cambridge ParkNo CampNo CampNo Camp
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