Staff Directory

Administration & Finance

Jim Reuter Executive Director 630-784-6100
Sue Rini Director of Finance & Administration 630-784-6194
Jennifer Benes Accounting Specialist 630-784-6117
Theresa Esposito Marketing Manager 630-784-6141
Anne Gerrick Registration Services Manager & Active Net Administrator 630-784-6111
Debbie Greninger Executive Assistant 630-784-6125
Francisco Hernandez IT Administrator 630-784-6106
Carolyn Mondlock Marketing Manager 630-784-6121
Linda Nge Accounting Specialist & Budget Analyst 630-784-6118
Christine Scaletta-Quinn Superintendent of Human Resources & Risk Management 630-784-6152
Lisa Scumaci Superintendent of Finance & Accounting 630-784-6116
April Voss Registration Services Supervisor 630-784-6153


Renee Bachewicz Director of Recreation 630-784-6134
Melissa Adamson Superintendent of Recreation 630-784-6113
Traci Andracki Recreation Supervisor 630-784-6119
Rachel Arendt Performing Arts Coordinator 630-784-6129
Liz Blake Aquatics Supervisor 630-784-6182
Liz Dahlquist Recreation Supervisor 630-784-6185
Pam Falco Community Relations Coordinator 630-784-6123
Greg Frieders Athletic Supervisor 630-784-6133
Gina Gagliardi-Simmons Group Fitness Coordinator 630-784-6149
Audrey Kedziora Recreation Coordinator 630-784-6139
Anthony Kenny Division Manager 630-784-6135
Brian Kucharski Division Manager 630-784-6136
Avegail Lavaty Recreation Coordinator 630-784-6140
Georgia Lochridge Recreation Supervisor 630-784-6185
Alex Moran Athletic Coordinator 630-784-6189
Shannon Murphy Health & Fitness Coordinator 630-784-6101
Suzanne Waghorne Division Manager 630-784-6112
Sara Witteck Recreation Supervisor 630-784-6131

 Parks & Facilities

Shane Hamilton Director of Parks & Facilities 630-784-6163
Randy Anderson Parks Manager 630-784-6166
Mary Ricciardi Office Manager for Parks & Facilities 630-784-6107
Ron Murray Facilities Manager 630-784-6184
Matt Slanker Parks Foreman

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