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Summers & Park Vandalism

Posted on June 18, 2024

A Message from Executive Director Sue Rini

School’s out, the weather is getting warm, and kids and families are ‘finally’ able to get outside and enjoy the weather! Park District staff have been working on getting our programs, activities, parks, and playgrounds ready for you. Our staff is just as excited to see our residents enjoying those parks as you are to use them. That’s why it’s so disappointing when we have to shut down a facility to repair acts of vandalism. We certainly don’t like spending tax dollars to fix the damage, and we know you don’t like to lose that amenity while we make those repairs. We’re united in the goal of making this community a place where everyone has a place to play, have fun, and stay active. Vandalism simply disrespects what we’ve accomplished together, and diminishes the spirit of community we’ve all worked to create.

Unfortunately, the Park District is seeing rising acts of vandalism.  Whether it’s graffiti sprayed all over skate park equipment, on a sign, spray painting of multiples pieces of equipment at the Skate Park, damage to playground equipment, or intentional destruction of park property, vandalism hurts all of us. It impacts the pride and ownership we each have for our community spaces, destroys the beauty or functionality of the parks, and wastes the resources that are better used in other ways.

Vandalism also sets a harmful precedent for future behavior. When we tolerate acts of vandalism, we send a message that destructive behavior is acceptable—that it is okay to disregard the rules and disrespect the property of others. It erodes the fabric of our community. Parks and Playgrounds are more than just a place to play – they represent our shared commitment to each other to create a family oriented community where friendships are made and families can spend time together.  Help us to keep the reckless actions of a few individuals from negatively impacting what we have.

If you see someone damaging property, please call the police.  If you find damage or vandalism at a park district property, call us so we can get it fixed. Talk to your friends and children and remind them to about the importance of respecting our parks and playgrounds. We want you to be able to continue to enjoy the great amenities the Park District has to offer. Thanks for helping us make that possible.

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