Memorial Park

Memorial Park, the first piece of land purchased by the Park District, is located in an older, historical part of Carol Stream. It is uniquely nestled behind Klein Creek that cuts through it. The park was officially dedicated on July 4, 1967 as a memorial to village residents Richard Blasen, who was killed in Vietnam on June 3, 1967 and to volunteer fireman Ed Mangels, who lost his life fighting a fire on April 6, 1963. The park has a small playground with swings (ADA-swing).


Nov 1, 2023

Memorial Park, located at 342 Thunderbird Trail, is the first park the Park District acquired in 1967. Klein Creek runs through the park, and over the years, the shoreline has been slowly eroding. The Village of Carol Stream has been restoring and stabilizing the Klein Creek shoreline. The project started in 2017 and was split into four sections, one that included Memorial Park and that stretched to Kuhn Road. These photos illustrate the retaining walls constructed to stabilize the erosion of Klein Creek. Additionally, the Village constructed a new pathway that weaves from Memorial Park to Kuhn Road. Crossing Kuhn Road, the next trail takes you underneath North Avenue to Red Hawk Park and onto the Great Western Trail. This is just another example of the many trails and paths we have in Carol Stream, throughout the Village and Parks, that offer residents exploration and adventure.


Read more about the Klein Creek Stabilization project at the Village of Carol Stream website:

Klein Creek Stream Bank Stabilization

Photos of Memorial Park, 342 Thunderbird Trail, Carol Stream

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