Performing Arts – Current Performance Information

The Carol Stream Park District is dedicated to providing you with an excellent performing arts experience. We ask that you take the time to read the important information contained in the handbook to better acquaint yourself with our program.



Performing Arts Handbook

Cast Biographies

Cast biographies for the playbills need to be completed by January 10 2023 for Annie Jr via Google Docs. You do not need a google account to access the document.



Concessions Donation

The concessions sale at the performances is our biggest fundraiser for the program. We ask that each family donate at least one dozen items pre-packaged and individually wrapped on both days of the performances that your child is in. More information is emailed prior to the show.


Although some of the main costumes are purchased by the Carol Stream Park District, it is necessary for parents and actors to contribute items to their own costumes. We send out a costume requirement paper with instructions on it.


If your actor has any special needs or you are requesting support from WDSRA (Western DuPage Special Recreation Association), include this information on your registration form. WDSRA requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice for inclusion support. Lack of information adversely affects the Carol Stream Park District’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child. Problems resulting from withheld information may necessitate the participant’s suspension from the program until appropriate accommodations can be made for a more successful experience.

Learn More About Inclusion Services

Parent Volunteer Requirement

Parent Volunteer Opportunities and Guidelines

In order to keep the cost of the program down, we require all parents to volunteer for a task during the theatre season. The volunteer form is due to the staff at auditions. If you do not provide your top three choices, we appoint you a position. We try our best to accommodate your top choices, however, all positions need to be filled.

We are often looking for previous cast members, ages 14 and over, to assist with rehearsals and performances. A Volunteer Background Check must be filled out and turned in before assisting.

You can volunteer for a task during your child’s performance or the opposite cast’s performance. PARENT VOLUNTEER LINK .  Please email: theatre@csparks.org for any questions about the volunteer positions prior to the show.

Thank you in advance for your time and dedication to the theatre program. We could not achieve a successful performance without your efforts

Volunteers Needed For:

Volunteer Prior to the Shows

  • Craft Projects – Complete prop or costume projects as assigned by the director.
  • Prop Builder – Assist set designer with building props during rehearsal times.
  • Set Painter – Help paint set pieces and scenery walls.
  • Costume Assistant – Help select and shop for costume pieces within the designated budget. Collect and inventory costume pieces after the Saturday performances. Help put away costumes and organize costume closet.
  • Seamstress – Assist with costume sewing as assigned by the director.

Volunteer During the Shows

  • Room AssistantMonitor the actors in the room during their time off stage.
    Be sure actors are changing into the correct costumes and going to the stage when it is their scene.
  • Scene Changes – Working behind the stage to assist with scene changes. Wear black or dark clothing.
  • Usher – Pass out programs and assist people in their seats 45 minutes before the show.
  • Ticket Sales – Assist staff at the ticket table 45 minutes before the show.
  • Merchandise and Concessions – Help at concessions needed during intermission of shows.

Photography and Videotaping

  • Audience members are permitted to make non-commercial (home-use only) video recordings of the rehearsal only.
  • Video recordings on performance days are prohibited.
  • Professional video recordings of the production available for purchase.
  • Flash photography is prohibited.


There is a playbill cover contest; actors can create a cover that could be featured on the weekend of their show’s playbill. There is one winner per cast.  Instructions for the contest are distributed to participants at rehearsals.


  • Rehearsals for Winter Production of Annie Jr begin the 1st week of January and run through March 15th
  • Rehearsals are on Sundays and Wednesdays at Fountainview Recreation Center




January 4- Rehearsals Begin

* Rehearsals are Sundays and Wednesdays at FVRC and SRC

January 4- Mandatory Parent Meeting

February 13- Priority Show Ticket Sales Begin

February 27- Public Ticket Sales Open

March 22 Tech Day (Cast 1)- Glenbard North High School

March 23- Tech Day (Cast 2)- Glenbard North High School

March 24- Cast 1 Performance 7pm

March 25- Cast 1 Performance 2pm

March 25- Cast 2 Performance- 7pm

March 26- Cast 2 Performance 2pm


Cast Schedule and Emergency Form

For the success of the production it is very important for participants to be at as many rehearsals as possible. If you are cast as a Main Character and are going to absent, contact theatre@csparks.org so we can get a sub.

  • Cast assignments emailed by early December.
Cast One

Wednesdays 4-6pm

Sundays 12-2pm

March 22


March 24

5:30pm Drop-Off

7pm Show

March 25

12:30 Drop-Off

2pm Show

Cast Two

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Sundays 2:30-4:30pm

March 23


March 25

5:30pm Drop-Off

7pm Show

March 26

12:30 Drop-Off

2pm Show




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