Preschool Guidelines

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General Information



  • Mrs. Earnest – Room 1
  • Mrs. Lill/Mrs. Bonokollie – Room 4
  • Mrs. Oswald – Room 5

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off

– Park and walk your child directly to their classroom.

– Parent and student should line up in the hallway outside their classroom door.

– Teachers open the classroom doors at the class start time.

Pick Up

– Parents should park and come to the classroom.

– Line up in the hallway outside the classroom and wait for doors to open.

– Teachers open the classroom door at dismissal time.

–  Only those listed as authorized to Pick-Up in the child’s ePACT will be allowed to pick up.

Essential Eligibility

  • Participants must be able to follow and comply with staff directions without physical intervention.
  • Participants must comply with the established behavior code of conduct and be devoid of behavior necessitating physical intervention.
  • Participants must be independent in managing personal care (toileting, feeding, personal hygiene) and all personal belongings

Facility Cleaning

  • The facility is cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Preschool teachers and Carol Stream Park District staff clean and sanitize all toys and all classroom surfaces daily.
  • Carol Stream Park District staff regularly wipe high touch surfaces throughout the day.

Healthy Child Standards

  • All parents must conduct a wellness check with their child prior to arrival at the preschool program.
    • Children must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Personal Belongings

Items from home:

  • All students should bring a reusable water bottle to eliminate shared use of the water fountain.
  • Backpacks and jackets allowed.
  • No other items from home (toys, etc.) permitted.

School Supplies

  • The school supply list is emailed to anyone registered in July.
  • Label all individual supplies

Student Bathroom Usage

Bathroom accidents

  • Carol Stream Park District staff is not able to change or wipe a student.
  • If a student has a bathroom accident a parent is called. They can be changed and brought back, or go home for the remainder of class time. Carol Stream Park District staff cleans student bathrooms throughout the day.

Preschool Parent/Participant Handbook

This information is a general overview of the program’s procedures.


Absentee Reporting Procedures

For the safety of the children enrolled in our preschool program, we request notification any day your child is not attending the program. A call is not necessary on a scheduled “No School” day. See the school year schedule for a list of days off. To report an absence:

  • Call the Preschool Attendance Line to leave a message at 630-784-6140
  • Fill out the form below.

Attire & Personal Belongings

What to Bring

  • Filled reusable water bottle
  • Backpack

Attire & Belongings

Casual play clothes and gym shoes are recommended; we have a lot of fun activities planned where children may be on the go.

Jackets are also recommended for inclement weather days.

Apply sunblock prior to arrival; activities may be planned on-site outdoors.

Personal Belongings

Clearly label backpacks, coats, hats, and gloves with your child’s first and last name.

Other personal items from home (toys, etc.) are not permitted.


Bathroom Procedures

All participants must be toilet-trained and are responsible for all of their own toileting needs. Children may use the bathroom at any time during the school day. Encourage your child to tell the instructor if they need to use the bathroom to avoid accidents.

  • Instructors can not accompany children into the bathroom; Instructors stand outside the door.
  • Instructors can not wipe bottoms.
  • Instructors may assist with buttons, snaps, zippers, and belts.
  • Diapers are not permitted.
  • Parent/Guardian is called to come in and tend to bathroom accidents. Clothes may be sent in for participants to change themselves.
    • If there is a bathroom accident, the student can be changed and brought back, or go home for the remainder of class time.

Behavior & Discipline

Behavior Guidelines

Discipline is carried out in a way to help your child develop self-control and assume responsibility for their behavior. It is kind and gentle, yet firm. The behavior guidelines are based on five overall rules:

  1. Children may not hurt or disturb others, verbally or physically.
  2. Children must respect others and all property.
  3. All children must be safe. They may not place themselves or others in dangerous situations.
  4. Children are responsible for their actions and belongings.
  5. All children need to listen to and respect the staff.

Parents are also asked to follow these guidelines.

Discipline Procedures

Our goal is to guide the children in skills designed to help them become competent, contributing, problem-solving members of their world. In order to provide a safe and fun environment for your child, the staff on a daily basis utilize a few basic “child management techniques”. The staff uses the following methods:

  • Redirection with uncooperative children to engage them in another activity or redirect the entire activity in a more wholesome direction.
  • Encourage the children to work out their own solutions to disputes.
  • Help the children to understand each other’s actions.

If redirection does not solve the conflict, the children are given a verbal warning, followed by a time-out. If the problems continue to occur, parents are notified with a note home and are encouraged to help remedy the situation. A child may be suspended from the program for physically harming another person, damaging property, or failure to follow safety rules. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to immediately remove any child from the program who acts in a manner deemed as unacceptable or inappropriate.

Classroom Size

Our programs operate with an instructor to student ratio

  • Preschool Prep: 1:6
  • 3-Year-Old: 1:8
  • 4-Year-Old & Kindergarten Readiness: 1:10

Our goal is to accommodate as many children as possible but still provide a quality experience. Program ratios are subject to change and may be adjusted based on the availability of staff and space. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to set or readjust minimum and maximum program attendance per site throughout the school year in order to maintain the safety, structure, and integrity of the program as a whole.

Classroom Seating

  • Students are given an assigned seat within the classroom.


The Carol Stream Park District preschool curriculum reflects the Illinois Early Learning Standards and Common Core Standards and aids children in developing pre-kindergarten skills including letter and name recognition, listening, healthy habits, cooperative play, fine motor skills, and socialization skills. The classes are structured around academic and holiday themes that enhance learning and fun. We value the diversity of our community and lessons and crafts are incorporated to acknowledge various cultures. The experiences are both educational and recreational, which aid in social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.

Our Preschool Program can help a child:

  • Enhance socialization skills
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop kindergarten readiness skills
  • Learn in a nurturing environment
  • Explore new horizons
  • Gain a sense of independence
  • Have fun!

Conferences and Progress Reports

Progress reports are completed twice a year and go home in February and again in May. The progress report highlights skills that area School Districts would like incoming kindergarteners to possess.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held mid to late February. Conference sign up are available in February.

Parent-Instructor Communication

Communication between parents and preschool program staff is very important. To help keep parents informed, preschool program information is maintained and available on the Carol Stream Park District website at www.csparks.org/preschool. The monthly newsletter is sent via email at the beginning of each month and includes the monthly calendar, important information, and upcoming events.

Practice Fun Sheets

Practice fun sheets are sent home on a weekly basis. These sheets are completely optional and do not have to be returned. The goal for these sheets is to help reinforce the recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors that they are learning about in their classroom.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Drop-off and Pick-up Process

Drop Off and Pick Up is at each child’s classroom. Parents should park and walk their child into the building.

Parent and child should wait in the hallway outside of their child’s classroom until the teachers open the classroom doors.

  • Parents should be prepared to show ID.
  • Only those listed in the child’s ePACT are authorized to pick up.

In order to keep the drop-off and pick-up process on schedule, do not address concerns with your child’s instructor during this time. If you have questions for an instructor, call the Preschool Office at 630-784-6140 to schedule an appointment for a conference call or virtual meeting.

Emergency Contact & Release

  • Only authorized individuals listed in ePACT are permitted to pick up a child.
  • Authorization for release is accepted ONLY from parent/guardian(s) with primary custody.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for informing the Preschool Coordinator of any changes to primary custody, restraining orders, or any other situations or changes that may affect the participant.
  • At least one person other than the parents/guardians within 20 minutes of the facility is required as an authorized pick-up in case of illness or emergency.

Late Pick-Ups

If you are late picking up your child, a late fee of $5 for the first ten minutes (or any portion thereof) and $1, per minute after the first ten minutes is charged per child. The Late Pick-Up Fee is placed on your Carol Stream Park District account. If late pick-up becomes habitual, you run the risk of your child being removed from the program.

Field Trips

Field trips to local venues are currently scheduled for the Fall and Spring.

Parents are responsible for driving and picking up their children to and from the field trip location.

Food & Drink

Drinking Fountains

  • Participants should bring a pre-filled reusable water bottle.


  • Snacks are not provided and are not permitted.
  • On occasion, activities involving food may be planned.

Health & Wellness


Wellness Check

Before attending class each day, parents should conduct a wellness check on their student.

  • A child must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Cleaning Procedures

  • The facility is cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day.
  • Preschool teachers and Carol Stream Park District staff cleans and sanitizes all toys and classroom surfaces daily.
  • Staff regularly wipes high-touch surfaces throughout the day.
  • After general items (blocks, puzzles, and manipulatives) are used by a student, they are placed in a bin and cleaned and disinfected for the next day’s class to use.

Dispensing Medication Procedures

Strict policies have been put in place regarding the dispensing of medication to participants. These steps must be taken if a participant is required to receive medication while in the program. This includes restrictions for cough drops, vitamins, pain relievers, and over the counter or prescription drugs. Parents/Guardians are required to upload Medication Instructions in ePACT for any and all medication to be administered to participants by Carol Stream Park District staff or the participant themselves.

Prescription Drugs and EpiPen- Controlled by Instructors

Parent/Guardian provides the Carol Stream Park District staff with the child’s medication in the original container with a prescription label that includes the patient’s name, physician name, pharmacy name, name of the medication, and complete dosage information. The proper dosage for the day should be sent in the original container each day.

  • Medication is stored in a secure area and at a temperature consistent with the package instructions. If the program is held outside, staff carry the medication with their emergency kit.

Inhaler—Controlled by the child for self-administration

  • Medication must be in the original container with a prescription label that includes the patient’s name, physician’s name, pharmacy name, name of the medication, and complete dosage information.
  • Parent/Guardian must have the “Self-Administration of Asthma Medication” portion of the Permission to Dispense Medication form completed and signed by a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Advanced Practice R.N


Health & Medical Emergency Procedures

The Carol Stream Park District continually strives to create a safe and fun environment for your child to be in. However, at times the occasional accident may occur. Below is our procedure regarding notifying parents/guardians of any such incidents:

Minor Injury and Illness

  • Staff can administer simple basic first aid; band-aid and ice pack as necessary according to staff training.
  • You are notified when you arrive at pick-up your child if such aid was issued.

Injury and Illness Requiring More Attention In addition to the steps above…

  • We attempt to contact you or your emergency contacts in the event you are unreachable.
  • A Carol Stream Park District accident report may be completed.

More Serious Injury and Illness In addition to the steps above…

  • Paramedics are called to handle serious injuries.
  • Emergency transportation may be arranged as deemed necessary or your child may need to be picked up as immediately as possible. In addition, we attempt to contact you immediately at any time upon your child’s request.
  • If your child needs emergency medical care, we accompany them and a parent/guardian must meet us at the medical facility as immediately as possible.

A child must receive appropriate treatment, depending on the condition, before returning to the program and may require a medical release from a physician before returning.


As with all Carol Stream Park District programs, the Preschool Program does not provide insurance coverage for participants. Parents should check their individual insurance policies for coverage.


If your child has any special medical, physical, psychological, or emotional needs list them in detail on your registration material. Lack of information may adversely affect the Carol Stream Park District’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child and may necessitate that participant’s removal from the program. Carol Stream Park District is not responsible for any injuries, complications, damages, or losses due to withheld information. Accommodations may be made to assist your child.

If your child has any special needs or you are requesting support from WDSRA (Western DuPage Special Recreation Association), include this information on your Emergency Information Form. WDSRA requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice for inclusion support. Lack of information adversely affects the Carol Stream Park District’s ability to accommodate the needs of your child. Problems resulting from withheld information may necessitate the participant’s suspension from the program until appropriate accommodations can be made for a more successful experience.

Learn More About Inclusion Services


Childcare Expense Statements

Receipts can be issued upon request as well as a Statement of Account which includes all registrations and payments to Carol Stream Park District for a given period of time. A Tax ID Letter is available. The Carol Stream Park District is not responsible or liable for determining childcare expenses.


Our goal is to accommodate as many families as possible. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to adjust minimums snd maximums and locations based on the availability of space, staff, and enrollment in order to maintain the safety, structure, and integrity of the program as a whole. All registrations are subject to acceptance based on program availability,  receipt of first payment fee, payment status and history, and the Carol Stream Park District’s ability to meet any special needs of the participant.

Preschool Payments

Consistent late payment or non-payment may result in suspension from the program and restrict future program registration for all Carol Stream Park District programs. If you have any payment questions or concerns, contact the registration team at 630-784-6100. A program fee may be paid in full or enroll in the Carol Stream Park District’s Automatic Payment plan. Monthly drop off payments is not permitted.

For monthly Automatic Payment: Current month’s payment is due in full at the time of registration (after September 1). Any outstanding fees due to the Carol Stream Park District for the program(s) or payments related to NSF checks, must be paid in full before the registration can be processed.

A $20 late payment fee is applied for declined or late payments. The late payment fee is assessed each month payments are not processed as scheduled. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to change of revoke a payment plan, or a participant’s participation in the program, based on insufficient payments.

Payment Due at Time of Registration

  • $70 non-refundable registration fee and the first month’s payment is due at the time of registration. Subsequent monthly payments are then run October through May, and are taken out on the 1st of each month.
  • Allow 48 hours to process the registration if registering after the school year has begun.
School Year Payment Schedule Payment Due Date
September At time of registration
October October 1
November November 1
December December 1
January January 1
February February 1
March March 1
April April 1
May  May 1


School Closing – Program Cancellation Procedures

  • If the Simkus Recreation Center closes for any reason including weather or an emergency due to unforeseen circumstances, the preschool program is being closed and no refunds are issued for these days.
  • Parents/Guardians receive notification of school closings through email by 8 am.

School Year

Our program follows the CCSD93 school calendar year from September-May.

School Supplies

  • See specific supply list by teacher and program for school supplies needed.


Safety Drills

Safety drills may be scheduled throughout the school year to prepare participants for how to act in an emergency situation. Practice drills include fire drills, tornado drills, and intruder drills.

School Pictures

Fall and Spring pictures are done during the school year.

Special Events

Family Night is scheduled for the Fall. You are updated if any additional events are scheduled which meet our safety guidelines.

Special Guests

Special guests are scheduled throughout the year as the calendar allows.

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