Adult Cup In Hand Kickball

Attention Captains:  Additional parking is allowed at the Wheaton Bible Church.

League Information

League Information

  • Teams play a season (6 games) plus tournament
  • Games are played with up to 11 on the field (Maximum of 7 men and a minimum of 3 women at all times).
  • Must be 21 years of age or older to play.
  • Each team will receive up to 12 drink tickets per game to be used at the concession stand for their games. (Must be used that night)
  • Games are played at McCaslin Park and Armstrong Park (if necessary)
  • Cash awards regular season and playoff champions
    • Spring League
      • Monday
        • Start Date: April 22
        • Fee: $500/team
        • Games: 6 game season followed by playoffs
        • Registration Deadline: Monday, April 15
    • Summer League
      • Monday
        • Start Date: July 8
        • Fee: $500/team
        • Games: 6 game season followed by playoffs
        • Registration Deadline: July 1
    • Fall League
      • Monday
        • Start Date: September 9
        • Fee: $500/team
        • Games: 6 game season followed by a single elimination tournament
        • Registration Deadline: September 2

Team Registration must include all of the following:

  • Team Registration Form **
  • Completed Roster (minimum of 11 players) (turned into by the first game)
  • League Fee*

* No partial payments or deposits accepted. ** No slots are held over the phone.

Register Online

Schedule & Standings

Season League Schedule & Standings
Spring Recreation Schedule
Summer Recreation Schedule
Fall Recreation Schedule


Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Carol Stream Park District sells alcoholic beverages.
  2. Consumed alcohol must be purchased from our concession stand.
  3. Any other alcohol consumption can result in suspensions and/or team forfeitures.
  4. Teams are held responsible for fans.

Base Running

  1. No stealing.
  2. No lead-offs. Base runners may leave the base if the pitched ball hits the ground, is short, or is hit.
  3. No Tagging Up or advancing on caught fly balls – and runners are responsible for staying at their base/getting back to the start base if they leave.
  4. No sliding. Anyone who does is out.
  5. Courtesy runner rule
    • Can be used up to twice per inning, and can be used unlimited times for that player in that inning. Can be anyone on the roster, but it comes up in the order they are called out. They may run unlimited bases.
    • Men must run for men and Women must run for women.
  6. Base paths: 60 feet

Captains' Responsibilites

  1. All captains are expected to inform their players concerning all rules and regulations prior to the first game and as many times thereafter as necessary to make sure that no violations occur.
  2. It is the captains’ responsibility to make sure all league fees; roster and waivers are in and paid.
  3. All captains are expected to inform their players of scheduled games, schedule changes, make-ups, and standings.
  4. Captains are responsible for notifying the Carol Stream Park District of a change of address and/or phone number and email address.
  5. It is the captains’ responsibility to check the score by inning to ensure accuracy and to check the final score which is listed on the home team’s official score sheet.
  6. Team captains are responsible for the conduct of their team members and any team spectators. The captain may receive the same suspension as any player on his or her team.
  7. Only team captains are to discuss a disagreement with an official.
  8. If it is known that the captain is unavailable during a certain period of time, it is the responsibility of that captain to call or email the Athletic Supervisor and submit another contact name, if other than the assistant captain.

Cup In Hand

  1. All active players (defensive fielders and offensive kickers/runners) must have liquid (any liquid allowed including water) in their cups above the designated line (2nd groove in a standard solo cup).
    • Liquid from their cup (under the designated line) – the offensive player is safe and all players move up if forced.
    • If a fielder makes a play for an out/outs is found (by the ref) to have less than the designated amount of liquid, the player is allowed to stay on the base where they were played on and all other runners are safe at their new bases.
    • A fielder cannot place their cup in their mouth/armpit/etc. or set/drop their cup to make a play (if this happens, the play is dead and the offensive player is safe/given the next base).
    • If a fielder makes a play without a cup in their hand the runner advances to the next base or the base they were running towards.
    • If a runner’s liquid level falls below the line, the runner is out.
  2. Teams must have a designated refill person ready to refill teammate’s cups – keeps the pace of the game.
  3. Amazing play: the umpire can deem an amazing play that supersedes the designated liquid line rule and the out remains (this is very rare).
  4. If a Carol Stream Park District staff member or umpire deems a player too unruly, they can tell the player to continue with water only.Failure to comply results in this player being ejected from the league.


  • Players must be at least 21 years of age at the team’s first scheduled game.
  • All players must have their names, home addresses, and home phone numbers on the team roster and waiver form before they can participate in any Carol Stream Park District game.


  1. If a team fails to have at least 8 rostered players by game time, or after the 5-minute grace period, the game is awarded to the opposing team.
  2. Once an umpire declares a game forfeited, the game cannot be played.
  3. If a team forfeits at least 3 games, they are not eligible for the post-season tournament, and 4 games forfeit the rest of the season.

Game Play

  1. A team must have at least six (6) players to start a game and may add up to eleven (11) at any point.
  2. There is a five (5) minute grace period for the first game of the night only. Games shall be 55 minutes in length if the grace period is used.
  3. Games are scheduled for six innings. In case of rain or darkness, a four-inning game is official (three and one-half innings if the home team is winning).
  4. Mercy rule: to decrease the chance of having blowouts early in the game (boring for everyone) teams can:
    • Only score 5 runs per inning.
    • The last inning is unlimited runs.
    • Games can end in a tie during the regular season.
  5. A new inning may not begin after 60 minutes. If the score is tied after six innings or one hour, the game is counted as a tie. If a game is tied, and the game has not yet reached the 60-minute time limit, the game continues until the time limit is reached. The last out in the previous inning can go to second base. The batter has a full count. If the time limit has been reached, the game ended in a tie. Due to the nature of the game and that, no inning is comparable to another, umpires and Carol Stream Park District staff reserve the right to announce the time or last at-bats depending on a given situation. Games do not have a time limit in the semi and championship rounds of the playoffs unless otherwise noted.
  6. Metal or detachable cleats are not allowed.
  7. Substitution is allowed for any starting player and sub. Any starting player and sub may re-enter once, provided that the player occupies the same position in the batting order.
  8. Players must avoid contact. If a player fails to avoid contact and there is substantial physical contact in the judgment of the umpire, the runner shall be declared out and immediately ejected. A red “safety-base” is located at the first base. All runners must run to the red portion of the base; otherwise, the runner is called out on all in-field plays that he interferes with.
  9. Fake tags are not tolerated. (A fake tag is a delayed dead ball. After the play has finished the faked runner and all other runners may be awarded the bases they would have received had the obstruction not occurred. It is a warning to the defensive player and could be an ejection if it caused the guy to slide and/or get hurt.)
  10. Player Conduct – Players must respect the umpire, Carol Stream Park District officials, and other players. The Player’s behavior is the responsibility of the player and captain of that team. Any player ejected from a game is automatically suspended for a minimum of one game at the League Coordinator’s discretion. Further unsportsmanlike conduct may result in forfeiture of games and/or suspensions from the league.
  11. If a player gets injured and can no longer play he is considered out unless a rostered sub can take his place. If a player gets ejected, it is an out in the lineup and cannot be replaced with a sub.


  1. Teams are reminded that the Carol Stream Park District does not carry insurance covering injuries incurred while participating in the Carol Stream Park District Leagues.


  1. 3 fouls are considered an out – No Strikes or Balls
  2. Bunting is not allowed.
  3. The kicker is called out upon contact with the ball if his/her feet are more than 2 steps in front of the home plate.
  4. Kicking order
    • Must rotate girl, guy, girl, guy, etc. the entire game. If you have more girls than guys or vice versa, you still must rotate girl, guy, girl, the guy in the kicking order.
    • You can kick girl/girl if you have more girls than guys. You can never kick guy/guy.
    • Every player must bat and must bat once before anyone kicks for the second time.
    • Teams must use the same kicking order each time through the line after the first order has been established.
    • The losing team always bats first at the beginning of the last inning (unlimited runs) – this limits blowouts by the winning team

League Fines & Suspensions

  1. Ejections:
    • First offense – at least 1 game suspension
    • Second offense – $25 and at least 1 game suspension
    • Third offense – $25 fine and at least 2 game suspension
    • All fines must be paid for by the next scheduled game or when the player returns from suspension. If an ejected player doesn’t pay a fine then the team is charged.
  2. Team forfeiting (each offense is one game forfeited):
    • First Offense – loss of game
    • Second offense – $50 fine and loss of game
    • Third offense – $50 fine, loss of game, and elimination from postseason play
    • Fourth offense – $50 fine, loss of game, eliminated from postseason play, and eliminated from rest of season (no refunds).

League Roster & Waiver

  1. Rosters are due before the team’s first scheduled game! Any team, which does not turn in a roster before their first game, forfeit the game. Rosters are filled out online on our website. Last-minute additions are able to add during the game on a hard copy roster, but then must fill out the online roster. No changes to the roster are allowed after midseason unless approved through the Athletic Supervisor.
  2. All roster information must be complete for a player to be eligible for league play. If any information is incomplete the player is ineligible until all information is completed on the roster form.
  3. All players must have a photo I.D. at all games to verify that they are a rostered players. Teams may request a roster check prior to the game time. If that player does not have a valid ID and the team cannot prove he/she is on the roster, that player is not allowed to participate. Roster protests must be made prior to the first pitch of the game unless said player shows up late.
  4. Any team giving false information on a roster shall be dismissed from the league without any money being refunded.
  5. No nicknames are to be used on the roster. Any player not complying is declared ineligible.
  6. There is no roster maximum per team. No change to the roster is allowed after mid-season, except in the case of an injury. A doctor’s excuse is required, and the replacement player must be of similar ability to the injured player. Advanced approval by the Athletic Supervisor is required for any change(s).
  7. An ineligible player is
    • A player who is not 21 years of age on or before the first scheduled game.
    • A player using a false name.
    • A player using an improper address.
    • A player with no photo I.D., proof of residency, and/or incomplete roster information.
    • A player on more than one roster.


  • The Carol Stream Park District provides an opportunity for interested persons to play organized kickball. Fair play and sportsmanship are the responsibility of every player and captain.


  1. 3 Fouls is considered an out – no strikes or balls
  2. The defense can throw (or kick) the ball to 1st base to get a runner out.
  3. The defense can throw (or kick) the ball to other bases for a force-out if applicable.
  4. The defense can throw the ball at base runners to “PEG” a player out.
  5. The defense cannot kick the ball at a runner on a PEG attempt.
  6. No headshots on a PEG. Runners hit in the head on a PEG are safe and get an extra base.
  7. If a player moves their head into the path of the ball, they are considered out.
  8. If a PEG attempt bounces before hitting a runner, the runner is safe.
  9. Once a runner is successfully out on a PEG, the play is considered dead and other runners can only advance to the base they were already going to.


  1. The pitcher shall take a position with both feet on the ground with one or both feet in contact with the pitching rubber. The ball shall be held in one or both hands in front of the body.
  2. Pitching distance: 40 feet mound
  3. Pitching Style
    • No Curves
    • No Fastballs
    • No Bounces

Post Season Play - Tournaments/Playoffs

  1. A post-season tournament is conducted at the end of the league play. League standings determine the seeding of each team in the tournament.
  2. Regular season and post-season tournament awards vary.
  3. Several games may be played in succession, which is common in tournament play.
  4. Tournament rules are the same as regular-season rules unless noted.


  1. There are no protests all umpire decisions are final.


  1. If you have any questions regarding the league, contact the Carol Stream Park District at 630-784-6100.

Rain Outs

  1. Do not assume games are canceled because of weather conditions. Every effort should be made to play the games, even in light rain. If games are determined to be playable and your team does not show, you lose by forfeit. If there are any questions as to whether a game is canceled due to weather conditions, information is available by calling 630-780-1517 after 4:30 pm or by checking the website after 4:30 pm. It is the captains’ responsibility to contact their players or give out the rainout number. If need be, the game is canceled at the field by a Carol Stream Park District Representative or the umpire.
  2. Teams are given advance notice for all make-up games, if possible.
  3. Regular season and playoff games that get rained out before they are made an official start from where left off.


  1. A team consists of up to eleven players on the field. There is no limit on the number of kickers. In order to start a game, at least six (6) players must be present. If a player is ejected for inappropriate conduct, the player’s place may not be taken by another player, and an automatic out is assessed.
  2. Teams must consist of at least three (3) women at all times and a max of seven (7) males.
  3. No boom boxes or other music or noise-playing devices are used during the game or between innings unless only heard within your dugout only. If this is abused the device must be turned off.
  4. The catcher must set up at least 6 feet from the batter and the umpire.
  5. Equipment:
    • Game balls are provided by the Carol Stream Park District, and the game balls must be returned to the umpire after each game.
    • Scorebooks are provided by the Carol Stream Park District and are given out at the first game. Any questions regarding scores, outs, or innings are the responsibility of the home team.
  6. Definitions
    1. Appeal Play – An appeal play is one in which an umpire cannot make a decision until requested to do so. (Example: leaving too soon on a caught fly ball or a courtesy runner overrunning a base). The appeal may be verbal or non-verbal, but must be made before the next pitch.
    2. Infield Fly – An infield fly is a fair ball that can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when 1st and 2nd, or 1st 2nd and 3rd base are occupied, before 2 outs. The pitcher, catcher, and any outfielder who positions themselves in the infield on the play shall be considered infielders. The ball is live and runners may advance at the risk of the ball being caught or tag up, and advance after the ball is touched.


Standings are calculated by the highest winning percentage.

  1. Standings are updated weekly on the website.
  2. Tie Breaker Policy for playoff seeding is the following procedures, in order, until all ties are broken:
    • Head-to-head competition between the tied teams (Team must beat all other teams tied in standing to with this tie-breaker).
    • Any team with a forfeit during the regular season automatically loses all ties even for the head-to-head tie-breaker.
    • Point differential for the entire regular season.
    • The least points allowed for the entire season.
    • Strength of schedule if not all teams have played each other.

Rule Violations (conduct)

  1. Use of excessive foul language or any individual being under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering substance while on park property results in the ejection from the game, as well as from the team’s following game.
  2. Players or captains in violations of the following shall be ejected from the game in which they are participating:
    • Throwing any equipment
    • Smoking on the field
    • Team members, other than the captain, discussing disagreements or arguing with the umpire(s)
    • Intoxicated
  3. Suspensions:
    • Any ejection results in at least a 1 game suspension.
    • Any player caught participating during a league suspension results in at least a 2 game suspension additional to what was provided.
    • Physical conduct/fighting: Results in an automatic 6 game suspension from any leagues that the player currently plays in. Player(s) is also issued a $25 fine to be reinstated back into the league.
    • Teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Spectators’ behavior can result in the same suspensions as stated above.
    • Any player who is ejected from a game must leave the facility immediately, and the ejected player is suspended from playing the next scheduled game or possibly more depending on the situation.
    • The captain must supply the ejected player’s name to the umpire. Failure to provide the ejected player’s name or a false name is given for the ejected player causes the captain to be suspended for a minimum of two games.

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