Adult Flag Football Leagues

League Information


North Field Flag Football league to find more information:

Northfield Flag Football

League Information

  • Teams play a season plus playoff
  • Games are played 8-on-8 with rostered players
  • Games are played at Glenbard North High School
  • Teams are required to wear team colors
  • Cash awards and trophies for regular season and playoff champions

Team Registration must include all of the following:

  • Team Registration Form **
  • Completed Roster (minimum of 9 players) (turned into by the first game)
  • League Fee*
  • Returning Team Discount* (turned in by the Returning Team Deadline)

* No partial payments or deposits accepted. ** No slots are held over the phone.

Schedule & Standings

Spring League Schedule & Standings
Sunday Comp/Rec Schedule


Summer League Schedule & Standings
Sunday Comp/Rec Schedule


Fall League Schedule & Standings
Sunday Comp/Rec Schedule


Area of Play


  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Participants are not allowed to play and supervise children at the same time.


  • Only players, coaches, and game officials are allowed inside the black fence surrounding the track and field. No one is allowed in the fenced area behind the west bleachers.
  • All players, coaches, officials, spectators, etc. are to enter through the west gate (northeast corner) walking on the mat to get to the field. The east gate is locked.

Field Dimensions

  • Regulation football field, 360-ft x 160-ft with 20-yard zones. Definitions shall be the same as defined in the National Federation of State High Schools Football Rules Book, current edition

Prohibited Items On Turf (beyond the black fence)

  • No colored liquid (Gatorade, PowerAde, etc)
  • No food (including gum and sunflower seeds)

Captains' Responsibilities

It is the captains’ responsibility:

  • inform their players concerning all rules and regulations prior to the first game and as many times thereafter as necessary to make sure that no violations occur
  • for the conduct of their team members and any team spectators
  • to make sure all league fees are paid
  • to make sure all roster and waivers are submitted
  • notifying the Carol Stream Park District of a players change of address, phone number or email address
  • inform players of scheduled games, schedule changes, make-ups, and standings
  • check the score to ensure accuracy
  • check the final score which is listed on the home team’s official score sheet

Captain Unavailable

If it is known that the captain is unavailable during a certain period of time, it is the responsibility of that captain to call or email the Athletic Supervisor and submit another contact name, if other than the assistant captain.


The Carol Stream Park District provides an opportunity for interested persons to play organized football.  Fair play and sportsmanship are the responsibility of every player and captain.


  • Persistent poor behavior, including harassment of officials or other teams, (aka “trash talking”) may result in the dismissal of that team from the league and loss of returning team status. Teams exhibiting such behavior receive a written warning from the Athletic Supervisor. Issuance of a second warning for team misbehavior results in that team is being placed on probationary status with possible individual suspensions to follow.


  • The Athletic Supervisor has the right to disqualify any player or team from league play due to unsportsmanlike conduct with no league refund.
  • Teams are not able to replace a disqualified player(s) on their roster at any time.


  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior such as abuse of equipment, taunting, etc. that results in ejection shall automatically disqualify the offending player or captain for the next game on a first offense, and for the rest of the season (including any post-season play) for the second ejection.
  • Any player ejected from the game must leave the building or facility immediately.
  • Ejection Fines
    • Referees or Field Attendant have the right to eject any player from the game.
    • Penalty: Article 21.1 Ejection – Any ejection results in at least a one (1) game suspension and a $25 fine.


  • Any team receiving Four (4) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties forfeits the game. Officials or staff may issue unsportsmanlike conduct fouls or remove a player from the game or facility.


  • Any player receiving two (2) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties or two (2) major penalties in one game is removed from the game and must leave the facility. Also, any player that receives two (2) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties or ejected for any reason from the game must sit for at least one (1) game and is assessed by the athletic supervisor if needs to be longer.


  • Any physical conduct or fighting with another player, coach, spectator, official, or Carol Stream Park District employee before, during, or after a game is not tolerated. Any player or coach participating in any physical contact or conduct is automatically suspended for a minimum of one (1) game with possible league suspension and civil action. The team is fined $25 per individual suspended. This fee must be paid prior to the team’s next game or a forfeit is enforced. Teams are not allowed to replace the suspended player on their roster.
  • Any player who verbally threatens a player, coach, spectator, official, or Carol Stream Park District employee before, during, or after a game suspended a minimum of six (6) games with a possible league suspension.
  • Teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Spectators’ behavior can result in the same suspensions as stated above.
  • During a player’s suspension, the player cannot attend any scheduled games of the Carol Stream Park District recreation floor hockey league. Any player which plays during a suspension is considered an illegal player and the team forfeits the game.
  • Suspension Fines
    • If not taken care of by the player the team receives the fine and forfeits every game until the fine has been paid.
    • Suspensions must be served the upcoming week(s) after the incident. All fines must be taken care of the week the player returns

Unnecessary Roughness

  • Rough play is not acceptable and is not tolerated. Players must avoid contact if possible. Contact away from the play must be avoided. Penalty: Article 18 All – Unnecessary Roughness 15-yards basic spot enforcement
  • Unnecessary Roughness Fines
    • Unnecessary Roughness penalties in one game
    •  Unnecessary Roughness penalties over a course of a season
    • Penalty: Article 21.3 Unnecessary Roughness – Result in at least a one (1) game suspension and a $25 fine.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Player
    • Dead ball foul
    • Every 3 unsportsmanlike penalties over the course of a season result in a $25 fine.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Team
    • Team receiving four unsportsmanlike conduct fouls total for all players
  • Penalty: Article 20.1 Unsportsmanlike Conduct – 15-yards 2-minute temporary suspension for player plus team loses a time-out Second USC penalty on the same player results in an ejection of the player in addition to the 15-yard penalty and the loss of a time-out. Article 20.2 – Team Total USC – Forfeiture of game.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct (USC) Penalties result in the player sitting on the bench for two minutes. No Exceptions. Teams or players are also be fined $25 for each player that receives two (2) unsportsmanlike penalties’ or ejected from the game for any reason. This fee must be paid in full before the next scheduled game. If this fee is not paid, the player is not allowed to play, and the team is required to pay the fine for that player. Every 3 unsportsmanlike penalties (no matter when it came, first game, second game, and last game) also receive a $25 dollar fine.
  • Any drugs (unless prescribed by a physician) or alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited on Carol Stream Park District property. The following applies to parking lots as well as all Carol Stream Park District facilities.
    • Players caught with alcoholic beverages are suspended from the game and the next game.
    • Players caught with alcohol after the game are suspended for the next game.
    • The second time a player has been caught with alcohol; he is suspended from the league.
    • Players caught with drugs are reported to the Police and suspended as above.
    • If the problem continues, the team forfeits the game.
    • Spectators are escorted from the park if caught with alcohol.
    • Carol Stream Park District and Village Police are empowered to issue tickets to violators in addition to the penalties listed above.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fines
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties over a course of a season
    • Penalty: Article 21.2 Unsportsmanlike Conduct – results in at least a one (1) game suspension and a $25 fine.


  • Players must be at least age 17 at the team’s first scheduled game.
  • All players must have their names, home addresses, and home phone numbers on the team roster and waiver form before they can participate in any Carol Stream Park District game.
  • All players must have a photo ID at all games to verify that they are a rostered player
  • A player may only play on one team in the league per day. If a player is on more than one team’s roster, he is declared ineligible for both teams.

An ineligible player is:

  • A player who is not age 17 on or before the first scheduled game.
  • A player using a false name.
  • A player using an improper address.
  • A player with no photo ID.
  • A player with incomplete roster information.
  • A player on more than one roster.



  • Appropriate for football.
  • Metal cleats of any kind are not allowed. Rubber-soled cleats must be worn.
  • Before walking to the field across the mat, shoes should be checked and cleaned of mud. No walking on the track with cleats.


  • Furnished by the league or equivalent.
  • Worn outside the jersey and above the waist.
  • All flag belts must be correctly clipped and may not be tied or otherwise secured.


  • No jewelry of any kind may be worn. Facial or body piercings may not be taped, they must be removed.
  • Religious and Medical Alert medals are not considered jewelry.
    • Religious medals must be taped and worn under the uniform.
    • Medical Alert medals must be taped and may be visible.


  • Hats may be worn.
  • Bills must be worn backward.

Pads & Braces

  • No pads or braces can be worn above the waist.
  • Comply with NFHS requirements.

Photo ID

  • NO ID, NO PLAY. All players must have a photo ID at all games to verify that they are a rostered player.


  • All players must wear the same color jersey with numbers permanently affixed. s on back.
  • All players must be wearing jerseys of the same color.

Game Play


  • A player may contact opponents with the arms or hands as follows:
    • Elbows may be inside or outside the shoulders
    • Closed hand technique – Hands must be closed or cupped with the palms not facing the opponent. Forearms are extended no more than 45 degrees from the body. Arms can be extended straight ahead only and below the head
    • Open hand technique the hands shall be – In advance of the elbow. Inside the frame of the blocker’s body. Inside the frame of the opponent’s body, except when the opponent turns his back to the blocker during the block or after the blocker is committed to his charge.
    • Blocker’s hand(s) may not be locked nor may he swing, throw or flip the elbow or forearm so that it is moving faster than the blocker’s shoulders at the time the elbow, forearm of shoulder contacts the opponent.
  • Blocking in the Back
    • A blocker may block in the back in the free blocking zone if the initial contact is from the front or side and contact is maintained throughout the block.
    • The blocker may not block in the back if blocker loses contact with the opponent
  • Upright blocking only
    • The player must remain upright on two feet during the block
    • A player may not leave his feet or launch to block an opponent
    • All blocks must be above the waist
  • Article 13.2 – 10-yards; Article 13.3 Personal Foul – 15-yards

Blocked Field Goal Attempt

  • Crossing Line of Scrimmage
    • Hits ground – the ball is dead (same as a punt)
    • Breaks plane of goal-line – the ball is dead (same as a punt)
    • Caught on the fly BY R can be advanced by R (same as a punt)
    • Any receiver may catch a scrimmage kick on the fly in the field of play and advance unless any R player has given a valid or invalid fair catch signal. R may catch or recover a scrimmage kick in K’s end zone.
  • Not Crossing Line of Scrimmage
    • Hits ground – ball is live
    • Recovered by the defense – can be advanced
    • Recovered by offense – the player may catch or recover a scrimmage kick while it is in or behind the neutral zone and advance, K can do anything they could legally do with a blocked scrimmage kick, including advance, pass, or kick again.

Coin Toss

  • A coin toss shall begin each game. The coin toss winner has picked in the first half and the loser has picked in the second half unless the coin toss winner elects to defer his choice until the second half.
  • First Half Options:
    • Defer – The choice is deferred to the second half;
    • Offense – starts with the ball
    • End of the field – select which goal to defend
    • Defense – opponent starts with the ball
  • Second Half Options:
    • Offense – Starts with ball
    • End of the field – Select which goal to defend
    • Defense – Opponent starts with the ball


  • Fall forward or plunge headfirst toward the opponent’s end line leaving one’s feet whether or not with arms extended forward or extending the ball

Failed Field Goal Attempt (Not Blocked)

  • Crossing Line of Scrimmage
    • Hits ground – the ball is dead (same as a punt)
    • Any receiver may catch a scrimmage kick on the fly in the field of play and advance unless any offense player (R) has given a valid or invalid fair catch signal. R may catch or recover a scrimmage kick in K’s end zone.
  • Not Crossing Line of Scrimmage
    • Hits ground – ball is dead
    • Caught by the offense (K) on the fly in the field of play can be advanced unless any K player has given a valid or invalid fair catch signal.
    • Caught by the defense (R) on the fly in the field of play can be advanced unless any R player has given a valid or invalid fair catch signal. R may catch or recover a scrimmage kick in K’s end zone.
  • Penalty: Article 16.10.3 Delay of Game 5-yards previous spot

Field Goals

  • K may drop kick or place kick from in or behind the neutral zone before team possession has changed. It is not necessary to be in a scrimmage kick formation to execute a legal scrimmage kick. K may not punt, drop-kick, or place kick from beyond the neutral zone.
  • Successful field goal shall count 3-points
  • K may not drop kick or place kick as a point after touchdown
  • K IS REQUIRED to announce field goal attempts
  • K may NOT fake field goal attempts
  • A scrimmage kick formation is one in which no player is in position to receive a hand-to-hand snap from between the snapper’s legs, and at the snap, either:
    • A player is in position with a knee on the ground 7 yards or more behind the line of scrimmage, in position to be the holder and receive the long snap and with another player 3 yards or less behind that player in position
    • to attempt a place kick, an A player is 10 yards or more behind the line of scrimmage and in position to receive the long snap.
    • Each team shall have a minimum of three players on the line of scrimmage at the snap. (Illegal formation 5-yards the previous spot)
    • The defense shall not rush on a field goal attempt 5-yards the previous spot)
    • Defensive players may jump in an attempt to block a field goal attempt
  • Direct snap to the holder from between the legs of the snapper
    • Snap muffed by holder – ball remains live
    • Snap fumbled by holder – ball remains live
    • Field goal attempt must be made within 5-seconds of the snap
  • The touching of a low scrimmage kick by any player is ignored if the touching is in or behind the expanded neutral zone. The neutral zone shall not be expanded into the end zone.
  • When any scrimmage kick is out of bounds between the goal lines or becomes dead inbounds between the goal lines while no player is in possession, or inbounds anywhere while opponents are in joint possession, the ball is awarded to R. Following an out-of-bounds kick, the ball is put in play at the inbounds spot unless R chooses a spot of first touching.

First Downs

  • Zone to Gain
    • The field is divided into four zones each twenty yards in length
    • Zones are bounded by the two twenty yard lines and the two forty yard lines
    • The line to gain is the next zone established when a new series (first down) is awarded. Unless there is a penalty following the ready-for-play signal, the next zone is no more than 20-yards
    • The next zone and line to gain is established after all penalties and yardages have been assessed.
    • A first down is awarded If after enforcement of the penalty the yardage places the ball beyond the zone to gain
  • Series
    • The team in possession has a series of four downs numbered 1,2,3 and 4 to advance the ball to the next zone to gain


  • Offense
    • Minimum three players on offense on the line of scrimmage at the snap; players may be anywhere along the line of scrimmage. The player on line of scrimmage cannot receive a snap. Snap to begin play from scrimmage. Must be between the legs of the snapper.
    • Scrimmage Kick Formation on 4th Down – Once declared – cannot change mind unless the offense takes time out or a penalty on defense is accepted. Punt selection is protected. Play selection may include run, pass, or field goal. Punt – no players of the offense shall cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is punted. Must declare to defense intent to punt or play. Shall punt ball within 5-seconds of snap.
  • Defense
    • Minimum of three defensive players on the line of scrimmage at the snap; players may be anywhere along the line of scrimmage
    • Scrimmage Kick Formation on 4th Down – Minimum three players on the line of scrimmage. Defensive players may jump to attempt to block a punt. Punt – Players on defense on the line of scrimmage shall not retreat to block until the ball is punted.
  • Article 8.1 – Illegal Formation – 5-yards
    Article 8.2 – Illegal Formation 5-yards
    Article 8.3 – Illegal Formation 5-yards
    Article – Delay of Game 5-yards


  • The ball carrier cannot guard or protect the flag. The ball carrier cannot straight arm or push the tackler Penalty: Article 11.1; or 11.2 15-yards from the spot of the foul


  • A huddle is three or more players of the same team grouped together before a down. All offensive players must be inside the 9-yard marks between the ready for play and the snap. Huddles are optional for the offensive teams. Teams are not required to huddle at any time during the game. Penalty: Article 19.2 – Illegal Formation 5-yards;


  • No kickoffs – The ball is placed at the offensive team’s twenty (20) yard line unless a different spot is determined by penalty enforcement or previous play-action (safety)

Pass Rush

  • The defense may use their hands to control the blocker but cannot hold or grab it. No shivers, elbows, head slaps or jersey grabbing that controls the defender
  • Defenders need to approach the passer with both arms straight up in the air or go for the flags. Defenders can jump up to block the pass but must avoid contact with the quarterback.
  • Article 14.1 Defensive Holding 10-yards basic spot enforcement; Article 14.2 Roughing the Passer If dead-ball spot is beyond the line of scrimmage 15-yards End of the Run – Automatic First Down; If pass is incomplete 15-yards from the previous spot – Automatic First Down


  • Forward Pass
    • A ball thrown with its original direction towards the opponent’s end line
    • Only one forward pass permitted
    • Passer shall not throw a forward pass from beyond the line of scrimmage
    • Passer is down if the flag is pulled and the ball has not been released
  • Backward Pass
    • A ball thrown with its original direction parallel to or towards the runner’s end line
    • Backward Pass striking ground; the ball is dead at the spot it touches the ground
  • Catch
    • Act of establishing player possession of a live ball which is in flight and first contacting the ground inbounds
    • Only one foot inbounds are required
    • A simultaneous catch is a catch in which there is joint possession of a live ball by opposing players who are inbounds. Possession remains with the offensive team
  • Penalty: Article 15.2 and 15.3 Illegal Forward Pass 5-yards from the spot of foul plus loss of down


  • General rules comply and follow the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Football Rules Book current edition and the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) current interpretations except as modified herein. 


  • Runner – May spin to avoid a defender. Must run in an upright position. May jump backward or sideways to avoid being de-flagged.
  • The runner shall not:
    • Run through or over a defender
    • Runner in possession of the ball may not stiff arm, swing arm or hand, or lower shoulder or body to protect or shield his flags or lower shoulder in an attempt to punish a defender.
    • Hurdle
    • Jump to advance the ball or avoid a defender’s attempt to pull runner’s flags, unless jumping over a player lying on the ground or to avoid an injury
    • The ball carrier cannot dive to advance the ball.
  • The quarterback may run.
  • Articles12.1;12.2; 12.2.3 Personal Foul 15-yards spot of the foul.
    Articles 12.2.4; 12.2.5 – Personal Foul 15-yards spot of the foul (the point where runner leaves the ground)

Runner Downed

  • The runner is down when:
    • Flag belt is pulled from the Runner
    • Any part of the Runner other than a hand or foot touches the ground
    • Runner voluntarily gives himself up and makes no attempt to advance toward his goal
    • Runner touches out of bounds,
    • If Runner has no flags and is touched by a defender with one hand between the shoulders and the knees
  • Defense
    • Diving is allowed to pull the flag.
    • Tackling is not allowed. Diving and missing the flag and tripping the runner is considered tackling.
    • Officials can award a touchdown if there is not one tackler between the runner and the goal line. 
    • Pushing out of bounds is not allowed. Defenders must go after the flags
    • The defender may not strip or attempt to strip the ball while in runner’s possession UNLESS runner attempts to gain an advantage by extending the ball towards the opponent’s goal line away from the runner’s body. The defender’s attempt to strip the ball shall not be by excessive or violent in nature.
    • The defense shall not deliberately remove the flag of an opponent that is not the runner or simulating a runner.
    • Rushing the passer – Any defender may rush the passer
    • Protection of the Passer – Defense may attempt to block passes. Defenders must avoid contact with the passer once the pass has been released.
    • Pass Interference – Defensive Restrictions on defenders begins when the ball is in flight. The defender may block the offensive player: after the snap, while the offensive player is a potential blocker until the ball is in flight. Offensive – Restrictions begin with the snap and end with a legally touched forward pass. The receiver or potential receiver shall not block a defender after the snap beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • Article 10.2 or 10.4 15-yards from the end of the run
    Article 10.5 Personal Foul 15-yards from the end of the run, an additional 15-yards may be awarded for a second or subsequent penalty on the same defender
    Article 10.8.1 and 10.8.2 Roughing 15-yards previous spot Automatic First Down
    Article 10.10.1 All-Defensive Pass Interference (DPI) 15-yards previous spot (DPI is no longer an automatic first down – NFHS Rule Change 2013)
    Article 10.10.2 All – Offensive Pass Interference (OPI) 15-yards previous spot (OPI is no longer a loss of down – NFHS Rule Change 2013)


  • Any player with a bleeding injury or a uniform with blood on it must leave the game immediately. The player may resume playing when and if the situation is remedied accordingly.
  • Teams are reminded that the Carol Stream Park District does not carry insurance covering injuries incurred while participating in the Carol Stream Park District Flag Football League.

Post-season Play - Tournaments & Playoff

A tournament is held at the end of the regular season. Cash prizes awarded to league and playoff champions. Prize amounts determined based on the total number of registered teams.

Tournament Format

  • The number of teams and games determined based on the number of teams participating in the league.
  • Several games may be played in succession, which is common in tournament play.



  • Each week has at least 1 or 2 games roster checked prior to game time, both teams rosters are checked.
  • Random roster checks start week 3.
  • Teams may request a roster check prior to the game time. Roster protests must be made prior to the first snap of the game.
  • If that player does not have a valid ID and the team cannot prove they are on the roster, that player is not allowed to participate.


  • No changes to the roster allowed after midseason. Except in the case of an injury. A doctor’s excuse is required and the replacement player must be of similar ability to the injured player. Advanced approval by the Athletic Supervisor is required for any change(s).


  • Rosters are due before the team’s first scheduled game.
  • Filling Out
    • Teams are required to fill out a game roster with player name and number each game.
    • All roster information must be complete for a player to be eligible for league play. If any information is incomplete the player is ineligible until all information is completed on the roster form.
    • Any team giving false information on a roster shall be dismissed from the league without any money being refunded.
    • No nicknames are to be used on the roster.
    • Any player not complying is declared ineligible.

Player Maximum

  • Roster maximum of 18 players.
  • Teams may begin to play with six (6) players and most on the field are eight (8) players.


  • The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to change or adapt all football schedules in any way necessary to operate the league with proper notice to the team captain either in writing or by phone. Schedules are updated on the webpage and given to captains at the soonest game.
  • Anytime there are make-ups, rescheduling, rainouts, playoffs, etc., they are scheduled at the convenience of the Carol Stream Park District facilities and staff.
  • Rescheduled games take place wherever the games fit (most games, but not all are put at the end of the season).


Points scored as follows:

  • Touchdown = 6 points
  • Safety = 2 points plus ball on the offensive team’s 30-yard line
  • Field Goal = 3 points
  • Extra points
    • 3-yard line = 1 point
    • 10-yard line = 2 points


  • Only team captains are to discuss a disagreement with an official.

Extra Points

  • No kicking for the extra points.
  • Change of selection for the extra point.
  • Allowed if the offensive team requests and is granted a timeout. 
  • Allowed if penalty against defense is accepted.


  • Any team, that does not turn in a roster before their first game forfeits the game. 
  • Teams that do not have the minimum six players at scheduled game time shall forfeit the game. If a team fails to have at least 6 rostered players by game time, or after the 5-minute grace period, the game is awarded to the opposing team. Carry enough rostered players to not forfeit during the season.
  • If a team cannot field the minimum number of players for any reason the game is over and shall be declared a forfeit.
  • Once an official declares a game forfeited, the game cannot be played.
  • The team that forfeits a game loses 21-0.
  • Any team that forfeits two (2) games is not allowed to participate in the post-season tournament.
  • Any team that forfeits three (3) games is dropped from the league with no refunds. Future league consideration is evaluated.


  • No protests.
  • All referee decisions are final.


Tiebreaker Policy

Tiebreaker Policy for playoff seeding are the following procedures, in order, until all ties are broken:

  • Head to head competition between the tied teams. The team must beat all other teams tied in standing to with this tiebreaker.
  • Any team with a forfeit during the regular season automatically loses all ties even for the head to head tiebreaker.
  • Least points allowed for the entire season.
  • Point differential for the entire regular season.
  • Strength of schedule if not all teams have played each other.
  • Coin flip.


The game is to be played in two periods of 24-minutes running clock.

The clock runs continuously except during the last two minutes of each period; during granted time-outs; official’s time-out; or injuries. The clock runs during penalty administration. 

Last two minutes of each period the clock shall:

  • Stop on an incomplete pass – Clock shall restart on the ready for play
  • Stop on runner stepping out of bounds – Clock shall restart on the ready for play
  • Time out granted to either team – Clock shall restart on the snap
  • Stop on change of possession – Clock shall restart on the snap
  • Stop on all scores – Clock shall restart on a snap from the subsequent spot by the scored upon team

Play clock – Offensive team shall have 25-seconds from the ready for play to snap the ball.

Courtesy Rule

  • The game shall be declared over if a team leads by 17 or more points with 2-minutes remaining in the second period

Half Time

  • Two minutes in length.


  • Overtime consists of one offensive series for each team. Begin with a coin toss. The team winning coin toss has the option of offense-first; defense first or end of the field. The Series begins with the ball placed on the 20-yard line going in with four downs to score unless series is extended by acceptance of any penalties. The ball becomes dead immediately if the defense obtains possession and the offensive series ends. After the first team has offensive possession, the second team receives the ball and four downs to win or tie. Tied after one overtime second overtime is played. The team losing coin toss shall have the choice of offense, defense, or end of the field in the second overtime. Game tied after two overtimes the game ends as a tie game


  • Two one minute timeout permitted in each half. Timeouts do not carry over to extra periods.


Do not assume games are canceled because of weather conditions. Every effort is made to play the games, even in light rain.

If games are determined to be playable and your team does not show, the team loses by forfeit.

Canceled Games

  • If need be, the game is canceled at the field by a Carol Stream Park District Representative or the officials. Teams are given advance notice for all makeup games.
  • An Official game is when the game has reached at least 36 minutes of total playing time (unless forfeited). If a game doesn’t reach at least 12 minutes of play then it starts over from the beginning. If a game is postponed for weather issues between 13-35 minutes of play it starts from where it left off and finish at a later time.

Rainout Line

  • If there are any questions as to whether a game is canceled due to weather conditions, the information is available by checking the rainout line or calling 630-780-1517 after 8 am on weekends.

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