Adult Volleyball

League Information

League Information

  • Teams play a regular season plus tournament
  • Games are played 6-on-6
    • 4 males and 2 females on the court
  • Game time frame: 6-10pm
  • Location: FVRC
  • Champions receive prizes/awards
  • Spring League – 2024
    • Mondays
      • Start Date: April 8
      • Fee: $500/team
      • Games: 10 game season followed by playoffs
      • Registration Deadline: Monday, April 1
    • Fridays
      • Start Date: April 12
      • Fee: $500/team
      • Games: 10 game season followed by playoffs
      • Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 4
  • Fall League – 2024
    • Mondays
      • Start Date: September
      • Fee: $500/team
      • Games: 10 game season followed by playoffs
      • Registration Deadline:
    •  Fridays:
      • Start Date: September
      • Fee: $500/team
      • Games: 10 game season followed by playoffs
      • Registration Deadline:

Team Registration must include all of the following:

  • Team Registration Form **
  • Completed Roster (minimum of six players) (turned into by the first game)
  • League Fee*

* No partial payments or deposits accepted.
** No slots are held over the phone.

Register Online

Schedule & Standings

Winter 2024 League Schedule & Standings Roster & Wavier
Monday Competitive Competitive League Roster
Friday Recreational Recreational League Roster
Friday Competitive Competitive League  Roster


Spring 2024 League Schedule & Standings Roster & Wavier
Monday Competitive Competitive League Roster
Friday Recreational  Recreational League Roster
Friday Competitive Competitive League Roster


Fall 2024 League Schedule & Standings Roster & Wavier
Friday Competitive Competitive League Roster
Friday Recreational Recreational League Roster
Monday Competitive Competitive League Roster
Monday Extended Extended League Roster


Area of Play


  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Participants are not allowed to play and supervise children at the same time.

Prohibited Items

  • No food, beverage, or gum is allowed in the gym.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the center.
  • Do not spit on the gym floor.

Captains Responsibilities

It is the captains’ responsibility:

  • inform their players concerning all rules and regulations prior to the first game and as many times thereafter as necessary to make sure that no violations occur
  • for the conduct of their team members and any team spectators
  • to make sure all league fees are paid
  • to make sure all roster and waivers are submitted
  • notifying the Carol Stream Park District of players change of address, phone number, or email address
  • inform players of scheduled games, schedule changes, make-ups, and standings
  • check the score to ensure accuracy
  • check the final score which is listed on the home team’s official score sheet

Captain Unavailable

If it is known that the captain is unavailable during a certain period of time, it is the responsibility of that captain to call or email the Athletic Supervisor and submit another contact name, if other than the assistant captain.



  • Any team that persistently demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct are dismissed from the league.
  • Drinking or possession of alcohol on the premises results in dismissal from the league.


  • Any player under the influence of alcohol, or mind-altering substances, is ejected with a suspension for the next game as well. The captain is also be ejected for the remainder of the game.
  • Any swearing or abusive language directed to any official, supervisor, participant, or spectator results in the player being ejected from the game.
  • If the individual continues the harassment after being ejected from the game, the person is ejected from the facility.
  • Ejection from any game results in the player or coach is automatically suspended for one match.


  • The Carol Stream Park District and the Village of Carol Stream ordinances prohibit any alcoholic beverages on Carol Stream Park District property. Players and captains are subject to game suspensions or team forfeitures. Teams are held responsible for fans.


  • Players must be at least age 17 at the team’s first scheduled game.
  • All players must have their names, home addresses, and home phone numbers on the team roster and waiver form before they can participate in any Carol Stream Park District game.
  • All players must have a photo ID at all games to verify that they are a rostered player

An ineligible player is:

  • A player who is not age 17 on or before the first scheduled game.
  • A player using a false name.
  • A player using an improper address.
  • A player with no photo ID.
  • A player with incomplete roster information.
  • A player on more than one roster.



  • No jewelry of any kind may be worn. Facial or body piercings may not be taped, they must be removed.
  • Religious and Medical Alert medals are not considered jewelry.
    • Religious medals must be taped and worn under the uniform.
    • Medical Alert medals must be taped and may be visible.


  • Black rubber sole shoes are not allowed in the gym.
  • “Non-marking” shoes are allowed.

Game Play


  •  You may have any portion of your foot, or hand only, on the centerline under the net. At no time may any portion of your body cross the center plane under the net or it is called a point or side out.

Dead Ball

  • If the ball hits any part of a sidewall, basketball unit net rim, or backboard, the ball is a “dead ball”.
  • Balls that hit the ceiling or basketball center unit on the same side of the court that they were hit from are considered “live” and must be played.
  • Balls that are hit from one court to the ceiling on the opposite side are dead.

Reaching Over Net

  • Reaching over the net to spike a ball shall be called a fault.
  • A portion of the ball must cross the plane of the net before it may be contacted.


United States Volleyball Association rules apply to all leagues, except where the Carol Stream Park District has made adaptations.


  • Serves hitting the net and going over are to be played.
  • Serves may not be blocked.
  • Persons receiving the service can set serves or use the bump.
  • Serves may not be spiked.


  • Team captains must inform the official of any substitutions being made.
  • Substitutions may be made only after a ball has been declared “dead” by the official and before the next service.
  • Rotation (substituting) can be done by one of two ways:
    • If using the rotation method, a position must be declared for that entire game – this is used as the rotation spot. All players must rotate out when they move into that spot. All substitutions must also rotate in at that same position.
    • Substituting one player for another. If a team uses this method, it must also be declared before the game. If player A substitutes in for player B, then player B can only come back in for player A. This process can also be used for any other sets of players.


Teams are reminded that the Carol Stream Park District does not carry insurance covering injuries incurred while participating in the Carol Stream Park District Volleyball League.

Play Position

Alternate Men & Women Players

  • Men and women players must hold alternate positions during all league play with 4 guys to 2 girls but may play with more girls.
  • The exception being with only 5 players you must alternate as much as possible.
  • Each serve must begin with a player rotation including the first serve of each match.
  • When one male player is in the front line at the time of service, one male backline player may be forward to the attack line for the purpose of blocking only.

Legal Lineups

  • 6 women
  • 5 women, 1 man
  • 4 women, 2 men
  • 3 women, 3 men
  • 2 women, 4 men
  • 1 woman, 3 men

Number Of Players

  • There must be a minimum of 4 players on the court at all times.
  • A minimum of one woman must be on the court at any time for all leagues.
  • Once a team has 6 players eligible for league play on the court and begins play, you may not reduce your team to less than 6 players unless an injury occurs and there is no substitute available.
  • When a team has 6 or more eligible players in attendance, prior to or at any point during match play, and those players are healthy and properly dressed to play, then that team must play with 6 people on the court.
  • If a team starts with less than 6 players and the 6th player arrives after any game has started, they may enter the game as soon as the play is whistled “dead” and the referee is notified of them entering the game.

Post-season Play - Tournaments & Playoffs

A post-season tournament is conducted at the end of the league play. Regular season and post-season tournament awards vary.

Tournament Format

  • League standings determine the seeding of each team in the tournament.
  • Several games may be played in succession, which is common in tournament play.
  • Tournament rules are the same as regular-season rules unless noted.
  • Tournament play consists of the best of 3 games.
  • Rally scoring is used for all games.



  • Each week has at least 1 or 2 games roster checked prior to game time, both teams rosters are checked.
  • Teams may request a roster check prior to the game time. Roster protests must be made prior to the first snap of the game.
  • If that player does not have a valid ID and the team cannot prove they are on the roster, that player is not allowed to participate.


  • No changes to the roster allowed after midseason. Except in the case of an injury. A doctor’s excuse is required and the replacement player must be of similar ability to the injured player. Advanced approval by the Athletic Supervisor is required for any change(s).


  • Rosters are due before the team’s first scheduled game.
  • Filling Out
    • Teams are required to fill out a game roster with player name and number each game.
    • All roster information must be complete for a player to be eligible for league play. If any information is incomplete the player is ineligible until all information is completed on the roster form.
    • Any team giving false information on a roster shall be dismissed from the league without any money being refunded.
    • No nicknames are to be used on the roster.
    • Any player not complying is declared ineligible.

Player Maximum

  • Roster maximum of 12 players.


  • The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to change or adapt all volleyball schedules in any way necessary to operate the league with proper notice to the team captain either in writing or by phone. Schedules are updated on the webpage and given to captains at the soonest game.
  • Anytime there are make-ups, rescheduling, rainouts, playoffs, etc., they are scheduled at the convenience of the Carol Stream Park District facilities and staff.
  • Rescheduled games take place wherever the games fit (most games, but not all are put at the end of the season).


Two games shall be played to 25 points using rally scoring. The third game is played to 20 using rally score. All games must be won by 2 points with a 27 point maximum per game. The third game during the second and subsequent rounds of the playoffs are played as a normal scored game.


  • A team can forfeit the first game and still play the second game providing they have the players by the forfeit time.
  • A team has 10 minutes to field 4 players for the second game of a match.
  •  Should both teams have less than four (4) players, both teams are credited with a loss.
  • A forfeit loss results in 13-0, 13-0, and 8-0.
  • Officials call the game as a forfeit five (5) minutes after game time. Teams may start a game with four (4) players. Teams must play with a minimum of four (4) players to continue the game. If a player leaves the game due to injury or other reason, leaving less than four (4) players, a forfeit is declared.
  • Any team that forfeits two (2) games is not be allowed to participate in the playoffs, and the third game is dropped from the league with no refunds. Future league considerations are evaluated.


  • No protests.
  • All referee decisions are final.


Each regular season match consists of 3 games. Each game counts as a win or loss for each team.

Tiebreaker Policy

Tiebreaker Policy for playoff seeding are the following procedures, in order, until all ties are broken:

  • Head to head competition between the tied teams. The team must beat all other teams tied in standing to with this tiebreaker.
  • Any team with a forfeit during the regular season automatically loses all ties even for the head to head tiebreaker.
  • Least points allowed for the entire season.
  • Point differential for the entire regular season.
  • Strength of schedule if not all teams have played each other.
  • Coin flip.



Teams are given 2 minutes between games.


  • Teams are allowed (2) time outs during any match.
  • Time outs are 30 seconds in length.
  • Team captains only may call time-outs. You must always have a designated team captain on the court playing.


  • Teams shall receive a minimum of 5 minutes to warm-up.

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