Coaches Kit


Coaches Code of Conduct

All youth sports coaches are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct and can be held accountable when not doing so.

I understand that my responsibilities as a youth coach are of great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the young athletes whom I coach.

I understand that many children participate in sports for numerous different reasons, and that the number one reason is to have fun!

I understand that as a youth coach I am obligated to honor the games rules, opponents, officials, teammates and self, and to teach players to do the same.

Therefore, by participating as a youth sports volunteer, I will adhere to the following Codes.


I will create an appropriate environment for our children that:

  • Focuses on safety, fun, skill development, and education.
  • Has a positive lasting impact on the children of our community.
  • Promotes building character and learning life skills.
  • De-emphasizes a win at all costs attitude.
  • Is fair, consistent, and best meets the emotional and physical needs of all children.
  • Builds a culture where winning is not defined by outcome of competition, but by the individual needs of all the children.

I will act responsibly and do my best to assure that:

  • I provide equal playing time for every child, and assure fair and consistent position rotation.
  • I properly educate players the importance of teamwork, effort, having fun, and playing fair while properly instructing age appropriate fundamentals and skills.
  • I provide players with the best education, instruction and organization possible by attending required meetings, clinics and certifications.
  • I am familiar with the objectives of the youth sports program.
    I strive to achieve these objectives and communicate them to my players and their parents.
  • I cooperate with the administrator of our organization in the enforcement of rules and regulations, and I will report irregularities that violate sound competitive practices.
  • I provide a healthy and safe environment for my players, which are in accordance with my leagues safety procedures. I will provide safe instruction and use of playing equipment.
  • I will display appropriate behavior.

I understand that violations of the following codes will jeopardize my privilege to coach youth sports.

  • I will treat each player, opposing coach, official, parent or administrator with respect and dignity, and refrain from using profanity, intimidation tactics and inappropriate language.
  • I will uphold the authority of officials who are assigned to the contests in which I coach, and I will assist them in every way to conduct fair and impartial competitive contests.
  • I will display appropriate behavior towards, and in the presence of, children

Terminal Behavior

I understand that violation of the following codes may result in immediate termination of my privilege to coach youth sports.

  • I will never coach under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • I will never initiate or participate in any form of verbal or physical assault on any staff, volunteer, parent or child.

The Carol Stream Park District reserves Violations of the Coaches Code
of Conduct results in written documentation, advisory consultation
and possible disciplinary action. The following data outlines the disciplinary procedures of the Carol Stream Park District:

Conduct Codes A and B

  • Any violation under Codes A and/or B results in verbal consultation by Carol Stream Park District Staff.
  • A second violation under Codes A and/or B results in a sit-down consultation between a Carol Stream Park District Staff person and the coach. Suspension from that coach’s privilege to manage/coach youth sports may accompany.
  • A third violation under Codes A and/or B may result in termination of that coach’s privilege to manage/coach youth sports.

Conduct Code C

  • Any violation under Code C results in a sit-down consultation between a Carol Stream Park District Staff person and the coach. Suspension from that coach’s privilege to manage/coach and attend youth sports may accompany.
  • A second violation under Code C may result in termination of that coach’s privilege to manage/coach and attend youth sports.

Conduct Code D

  • Any violation under Code D may result in termination of that coach’s privilege to manage/coach and attend youth sports.

Equipment & Uniform Guidelines

Damaged Equipment

  • Do not discard any broken or damaged equipment.
  • Call your LC to arrange for an exchange.

Lost or Stolen Equipment

  • Report any lost or stolen equipment to your LC immediately.
  • Do not wait for equipment return.
  • The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to charge managers for any missing equipment at the time of return.

Equipment Guidelines

  • Do not mark any of the equipment with the team name.
  • If you find the sizes for any equipment are not working for your team, let us know. We have a small number of odd-sized catcher’s helmets, shin guards, batting helmets, etc. We do all we can to accommodate you.
  • Bag: Don’t drag on the ground.
  • Catchers Equipment: Equipment is all-new for this year. If the sizing doesn’t fit well with most of your kids we work on getting replacements.
  • Equipment provided:
    • Catcher’s mask
    • shin guards
    • chest protector,
    • glove
  • Batting Helmets: Do not nest batting helmets within each other. This ruins the padding around the ear and makes the helmet useless.

Uniform Guidelines

  • Sizing for jerseys and pants are to be completed at the meet and greet.
    • Pants are provided the day of the meet and greet, and any exchanges need to be completed then.
    • Jersey sizing is provided, and then must be recorded by the coach, and turned in by the deadline provided by the supervisor. Parents pick sizes and no exchanges are granted.
    • Mock MLB uniforms are provided to baseball teams.
    • Sleeveless uniforms are provided to softball teams.
  • Baseball Uniform Provided:
    • Hat
    • mock MLB jersey
    • grey pants
  • Softball Uniform Provided:
    • Visor
    • sleeveless jersey
    • black pants
    • socks
  • Names on uniforms
    • This is not required, but the Carol Stream Park District provides names at an added cost.
    • Names on jerseys are $5 per jersey and must be paid to the coach and final payment to the park district. Other companies can do this at a cheaper cost. Ask if interested.

Handout & Return

  • Equipment handout is to be completed directly after draft/team formation day.
  • Equipment return is set by the supervisor directly after the season is completed. All equipment must be returned that was handed out except for the balls. Return with the minimal mess inside the bag. Do not keep bags from year to year as sizes are different and inventory is needed after each year.

First Aid

All First Aid Stations/Kits Contain:
Notify the supervisor of the program when going below the minimum quantity.

  • 8 Band-Aids
  • 4 – 4×4 dressings
  • 5 antiseptic wipes
  • 1 micro shield
  • 1 pair disposable gloves
  • 3 cold packs

Cold Pack Dispensing

  • Cover the ice pack with a paper towel when popping the inner pouch to prevent spraying into eyes or mouth. (Note: Never let a patron/child pop the inner pouch of the ice pack)
  • Examine the ice pack to make sure it is not leaking. If it is leaking, dispose of it immediately.
  • Wrap the ice pack with a clean paper towel, napkins, or a cloth before giving it to a patron.
    • Do not apply directly to skin.
    • Do not allow the patron/child to remove the wrap from the ice pack at any time.
  • Supervise the patron/child while they are using the cold pack.
  • Dispose of the ice pack in a place that is not assessable to children.

Parent Agenda Meet & Greet

  1. Introductions of all in attendance.
  2. Provide your name, phone number, cell number, and e-mail address and that of your coach.
  3. Collect parent names, phone numbers, cell numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  4. What the program provides.
    • Player hat, jersey, and pants.
    • Team equipment bag.
  5. What the player needs:
    • Baseball – Mitt, cup (required for boys), cleats, bat (not required), Helmet (not required)
    • Softball – face mask required for the pitcher, and recommended for all positions.
  6. Intervillage
    • Softball – Midwest Rec Fast Pitch League
    • Baseball – 10U, 12U, AND 14U
  7. League rules.
  8. Equal playing time rules.
  9. Parent Code of Conduct.
  10. Medical release forms.
    • Signed by parents; retained by the manager.
  11. Manager’s baseball/softball team philosophy. o Games. o Practices.
  12. Ask for parent support/involvement at games and practices. o Need for volunteers
  13. Ask parents to call when their child is going to miss a practice or game.
  14. Carol Stream Park District resources:
    • Rules and Schedules (csparks.org)
  15. Carol Stream Youth Sports Facebook
  16. Treat list.
  17. Communications. o Comments/concerns can be e-mailed to info@csparks.org
  18. At the conclusion, remind the parents that this is a community program. “The opposing players are the friends of your children and the children of your neighbors.” Cheer for all the players.
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