Youth Sports Guidelines


Meet and Greet

The meet and greet is a set time where players, parents, and coaches meet each other and hand out any necessary information, and in some cases receive their uniforms.

Participant Code of Conduct

By registering your child you agree to comply with the Participant Code of Conduct. It is discussed by the coach at the preseason parent meeting. 

Read Participant Code of Conduct

Player Evaluation

Players get rated based on each skill set for that particular sport. All players are welcome but new players and players who are playing up a level are required to attend.

Playing Up

Playing up is not allowed for instructional soccer or tee ball. For all other leagues playing up is allowed by one age or grade level but the following process must be adhered to:

  • The player must register at his or her age or grade.
  • A request to play up must be made to the program supervisor.
  • The player must attend the evaluation day for the sport and must attend at the time designated for the requested league and level (i.e. if a player should be playing in the Mustang league but wants to play in the Bronco league, player must attend the Bronco player evaluation).

Registration After the Deadline

Players placed on a waitlist are not guaranteed placement on a team. If you register before team formation the player is moved off the waitlist if there are enough to form an additional team. However, if you register after team formation, or if another team cannot be formed, placement is only done when a team or teams are below the established maximum number of team participants. Players are not added to any team one week prior to the first scheduled game.

Register by Age - baseball and softball

Registration is by age. Baseball players are to be registered based on their age as of April 30, 2019. Softball players are to be registered based on their age as of December 31, 2018.

Register by Grade - soccer and tee ball leagues

Players are to be registered for the grade the player in for the 2018/2019 school year. Preschoolers must be 4 years old by the program start date. Participants can participate in Instructional Tee Ball and Instructional Soccer without conflict.

Request a Specific Team

No, due to the nature of the program, we cannot accept any other coach, player, or carpool requests. However, one mutual friendship request is honored for players in an instructional league, Pinto (8U) baseball, or grade 1 and 2 soccer. A Carol Stream Park District request form must be used for these requests and the guidelines listed on the form must be followed. These forms are available at Simkus Recreation Center and on csparks.org. Request deadlines are the same as registration deadlines (not an early bird).

Friendship Request

Equipment and Uniform Guidelines

Broken or Damaged Equipment

  • Do not discard any broken or damaged equipment.
  • Call your LC to arrange for an exchange.


If you find the sizes for any equipment are not working for your team let us know. We have a small number of odd-sized catcher’s helmets, shin guards, batting helmets, etc. We do all we can to accommodate you.


  • Don’t drag on the ground.

Catchers Equipment:

  • Equipment is all-new for this year. If the sizing doesn’t fit well with most of your kids we work on getting replacements.
  • Equipment provided: Catcher’s mask, shin guards, chest protector, and glove.

Batting Helmets:

  • Do not nest batting helmets within each other. This ruins the padding around the ear and makes the helmet useless.

Equipment Handout & Return

  • Equipment handout is to be completed directly after the draft and team information day.
  • Do not mark any of the equipment with the team name.
  • Equipment return is set by the supervisor directly after the season is completed.
  • All equipment must be returned that was handed out except for the balls.
    • Return with the minimal mess inside the bag.
    • Do not keep the bag from year to year as sizes are different and inventory is needed after each year.

Lost or Stolen Equipment

  • Report any lost or stolen equipment to your LC immediately.
  • Do not wait for the equipment return.
  • The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to charge managers for any missing equipment at the time of return.


Sizing for jerseys and pants are to be completed at the meet and greet.

  • Pants provided the day of the meet and greet, and any exchanges need to be completed then.
  • Jersey sizing is provided, and then must be recorded by the coach, and turned in by the deadline provided by the supervisor. Parents pick sizes and no exchanges are granted.
  • Mock MLB uniforms provided to baseball teams.
  • Sleeveless uniforms provided to softball teams.

Baseball Uniform Provided:

  • Hat, mock MLB jersey, and grey pants.

Softball Uniform Provided:

  • Visor, sleeveless jersey, black pants, and socks.

Names on uniforms

  • This is not required, but Carol Stream Park District does not provide names as it is an added cost.
  • Names on jersey are $5 per jersey and must be paid to the coach, and final pay
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