Coral Cove Water Park

6.20 Coral Cove is closed for the remainder of the day due to low temperatures and ocasional storms. We will be open tomorrow at our normal time.

Welcome to Coral Cove! 

The Cove concessions stand is under new management, offering fresher food items each day. We’ll be grilling on the weekends too! No outside food is permitted in the water park, so leave your coolers at home and try our new concession items!


Adjacent to the Simkus Recreation Center is Coral Cove Water Park, which features water slides; a 15-foot climbing wall, drop slide and diving board; water playground with dumping bucket and playground for toddlers. A poolside café provides shaded seating. Visitors may rent a cabana for the day. Coral Cove hosts birthday parties and private rentals.

Dive into summer at Coral Cove Water Park – a fun, beach-themed water park with multiple pools and water play features:

  • A large walk-in swimming pool
  • Two awesome water slides – the tallest in DuPage County!
  • A deep-water plunge pool with a 15 ft climbing wall, drop-slide, and diving board
  • A dry playground
  • An interactive water playground with a dumping bucket
  • A new slide in the water  playground for toddlers
  • Large shaded concession eating area
  • NEW! Poolside cafe, The Cove, operated by Carol Stream Park District. Menu items include pizza, drinks and ice cream, in addition to weekend GRILL DAYS!
  • A grassy sun hill and large patio deck with chairs for relaxing
  • Coral Cove has a Five Star Lifeguard Safety Rating
  • Group swim lessons will be held at the indoor pool at Fountain View Recreation Center and will no longer interfere with Coral Cove fun!

Coral Cove does not permit outside food to be brought into the facility. Baby formula & water permitted. 


Climbing Wall/Drop Slide Hours

Mon-Sat Sun
Climbing Wall 10:30-11:30am 11am-12pm
Drop Slide 11:30-12:30pm 12-1pm
Climbing Wall 12:30-1:30pm 1-2pm
Drop Slide 1:30-2:30pm 2-3pm
Climbing Wall 2:30-3:30pm 3-4pm
Drop Slide 3:30-4:30pm 4-5pm
Climbing Wall 4:30-5:30pm 5-6pm
Drop Slide 5:30-6:30pm 6-7pm
Climbing Wall 6:30-7:30pm
Drop Slide 7:30-8:00pm

Water Park Rules & Regulations

Coral Cove Water Park staff is responsible for enforcing safety rules and responding to emergencies. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children.

  1. Children under 9 years of age will NOT be admitted to the pool area unless accompanied by a person at least 16 years of age.
  2. Only clean footwear, baby strollers, or wheelchairs are allowed in the pool area and locker room.
  3. Cell phones may not be used in the locker room areas.
  4. All persons are encouraged to take a shower before entering the pool area.
  5. All non-toilet trained patrons must wear an approved swim diaper or tightly fitting plastic pants. Diaper changing not permitted on pool deck. Changing of diapers must take place in the locker rooms.
  6. Swim suits with floatation devices inserted or attached are not permitted. US Coast Guard approved life vests are available for loan at no charge at the pool office.
  7. People with open sores, skin infections, contagious diseases or band-aids will not be allowed in the water.
  8. The pool water is not suitable for drinking. Avoid swallowing pool water.
  9. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose or otherwise introducing contaminants into the pool is not permitted.
  10. Prolonged under water breathe holding is not permitted.
  11. Glass objects of any kind are NOT allowed inside the aquatic facility.
  12. NO RUNNING, boisterous or rough play will be allowed in the aquatic facility.
  13. NO DIVING is allowed in the Aquatic Center unless otherwise noted.
  14. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the aquatic facility.
  15. District is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  16. Please inform pool management staff if you wish to use a video or standard camera.
  17. Floatation, hard throwing, and spraying objects are prohibited in the water areas
  18. The Carol Stream Park District reserves the right to revoke any season passes as well as suspend individuals paying daily admissions, if there are continual violations of facility rules.
  19. The Carol Stream Park District does not provide individual health and accident insurance.
  20. The pool management is authorized to implement and enforce rules that are more stringent or that supplement those listed here.

The Cove

NEW! Poolside cafe, The Cove, operated by Carol Stream Park District. Try our new fresh food options, and join us on the weekends for GRILL DAYS!

Here’s some items on the menu – menu subject to change.

Entrees:  Brat, Hot Dog, Italian Sausage, Chicken Tenders, Pizza, (Burger on weekend GRILL days only)
Value meals: $5 include one of the above, chips and medium fountain drink
Snacks: Bosco stick, nachos, mozzarella sticks, pretzel, chips
Healthy options: Fruit Smoothie, Un-crustable
Sweet treats:  soft serve ice cream, candy, root beer float, orange creamsicle float, shaved ice
Various fountain drinks, Gatorade, water, milk, juice box

Coral Cove does not permit outside food to be brought into the facility. Baby formula & water permitted. 

Photos of Coral Cove