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A Slam Dunk Career: Thanks for the Memories Doug!

Posted on June 10, 2024

Doug Wolf retiring from Basketball

This story was shared by Greg Schwarze, DuPage County Board Member, District 6.

Doug Wolf, 82 years old, has finally hung up his gym shoes and put away his basketball after playing the sport for nearly 70 years. The West Chicago resident and member of the Carol Stream Park District has been playing the last decade at Fountain View Rec Center with a group of 50- and 60-year-olds whom Doug considers “Spring Chickens”.  Many in the group have been playing at the Carol Stream Park District for nearly three decades, first at the Simkus Rec Center and then at Fountain View.  Retired Fire Fighter Greg Schwarze started playing at the park district back in 1999 and has enjoyed growing old with the group. “We don’t move as fast but can fire up 3-pointers much more often,” Schwarze said. Doug has been appreciative of the group not only for allowing him to play with them but being welcomed with open arms. “The guys have been wonderful. They threw me an 80th birthday party at the gym a couple of years ago, so I made sure to go easy on them once the game began!” said Doug. Wolf and the rest of the group keep in touch via a text group of the old-timers. He texted them May 28 to say he was needing to retire due to arthritis issues. Most of the guys came out to wish Doug well.


Row 1 –

Tony Bordignon

Greg Schwarze

Doug Wolf

Fred Wilcox

Andy Stahl


Row 2 –

Roger Hughes

Mike Hall

Harold Lonks


Row 3 –

Matt Johnson


Missing –

Rich Ostrowski

Jim Roach

Adrich Beteta


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