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March is Prescribed Burn Month

Posted on March 2, 2023

March is “Burn” Month

3/2/2023 – Sometime over the next few weeks, the Park District is conducting prescribed burns of our native planting areas located at Tedrahn Pond (around the perimeter) and Evergreen Lakes. Prescribed fire is one tool in native area management. It is used to control weeds, recycle nutrients and to encourage stronger native plant growth.

Burns are carried out by a trained and equipped prescribed burn contractor.  Burn permits are secured through the Illinois EPA upon review of a written burn plan specific to each site. The fire is contained around the perimeters of the prescribed burn areas by prior mowing, use of wet lines (spraying the vegetation along the edge with water) or back-burning.

The local fire department is notified prior to and upon completion of the prescribed burn on the day of the burn. The local fire company is not on site during a prescribed burn. They are notified in advance so if anyone calls in to say they see smoke the fire department is aware of the prescribed fire at the specified location.

Wind and smoke management are important considerations in any prescribed burn. An attempt is made by the burn contractor to minimize smoke drift whenever possible. Prairie fires usually burn very quickly and any smoke usually dissipates quickly. Heavy smoke is usually a result of landscape debris and leaves being dumped in the native areas.




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