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Preschool moves to Simkus Recreation Center

Posted on March 3, 2021

The Carol Stream Park District is excited to announce that it will be moving its preschool program in April to the Simkus Recreation Center, 849 W. Lies Road. The new location offers three new classrooms and a brand new playground (Fall 2021); year-round access to the gym and gymnastics rooms; ability for parents to see their child’s teachers, classrooms and meet other parents; possibilities for extended care and enrichment; opportunities for parents to enroll in other programs and classes while their child is in class; and parking is plentiful and with better accessibility to the Simkus Recreation Center. The move is planned for an extended spring break starting March 29, with in-person classes beginning on Monday, April 12.

The park district preschool program has been a community tradition for over 40 years, giving first-time students a balanced play-based learning experience that focuses on the development of pre-kindergarten skills.

An open house is planned for current preschool participants on Friday, April 9. Registration opens in May for the Fall 2021 through May 2022 school year, and an open house is planned for Tuesday, May 4, for new participants and families.  Summer preschool programming at the Simkus Recreation Center begins in June. The summer preschool program is a great way to familiarize young children to the preschool year that begins in September.

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