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Stop Vandalism in Your Neighborhood!

Posted on October 5, 2018

The Carol Stream Park District formed the Anti-Vandalism Task force last summer to educate the community about vandalism and how to report it. Over the past year we’ve developed messages for adults and children. For adults, we’ve written the letter below and have been distributing that message on flyers in neighborhoods we visit. For children, we’ve created a presentation that talks about community, what vandalism is, and how to report it. We have taken our message to school districts and other public municipal organizations. Although the task force still has work in progress, we’re making great strides to help the community recognize and report vandalism.

Dear Neighbor,

Your park district is asking for your help. Vandalism in our parks has unfortunately become commonplace in our community. Graffiti and spray paint on playgrounds, damaged park amenities, burned port-o-lets, tire ruts on ball fields – these are just some of the incidents we deal with weekly as we work to maintain our parks and playgrounds. Repairing damage caused by vandalism costs us money in staff time and in replacement or repair of property.

Park District property is community property – parks, playgrounds, ballfields – for your enjoyment. You help us pay for it on your tax bill. Help us protect our shared property.

If you see vandalism happening, call 911. The police need to know when vandalism is happening so they can catch the culprits. If you see vandalism after it has happened – for example, you’re with your kids in the morning at your local park and you see obscenities sprawled on playground equipment – call us at 630-784-6100 so we can photograph and report the damage to police and work to clean up the vandalism.

The faster we catch those who feel the need to vandalize and the faster we can clean it up, the less vandalism we see. Your awareness is very important in the preservation of our parks and community.

Thank you for your help!


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